50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

50th wedding anniversary is certainly a worth celebrating event. It is a precious milestone for any couples whom have been together for half a century. Various great ideas can be used for the celebration and these ideas include the golden wedding anniversary idea, as well as the anniversary party.

50th Wedding Anniversary

A 50th wedding anniversary is a milestone. Plan a gathering to celebrate your parents on their 50th wedding anniversary. Enlist the help of your siblings, other family members and close friends to make this event the most momentous occasion in your parent’s history together. It’s time to pull out all the stops. Celebrating 50th wedding anniversary is definitely a great thing, especially in the age when divorce rate is the highest. Couples who have lived for half a century together would surely tell you that the journey was not a smooth one. They must surely have had their share of hardships, fights, differences which they conquered with the help of mutual love, respect and trust. Such determination and perseverance does need appreciation and the best way would be to do something special for the couple.

Ideas For 50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Pulling out all the stops certainly doesn’t equal going broke. Rely on close friends and family members to help make the day a special one while helping to save money, too. If your cousin makes the very best lasagna in town, enlist her to bake up a few for the party. If your sister sings in a band, get a discounted rate for live performers. Use the resources that are afforded you through close ties to family and friends. Choose one or two family members who have exceptional people skills and provide them with a list of names of your parents older friends. Ask them to contact the people and interview them about your parents–as individuals and as a couple. Comprise a newspaper from these interviews and scan old photos to include in it as well. This will make for a fun way to reminisce and will allow those who may not be able to attend to play a role in the celebration.

50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

50th Wedding Anniversary Decorations

If you are thinking of golden wedding anniversary ideas for your parents, why not get them married again? This will be one of the most unique wedding anniversary ideas for parents. In this way, you would get a chance of watching your parents getting married and also to become their bridesmaid or groomsman. Decide whether you would like to hold the wedding at a church or a marriage hall. If possible, arrange the wedding at the same place that they had got married. Involve your parents in the preparations so that everything happens according to their wishes. Invite the guests a month or two prior to the wedding and get all the arrangements like the food, clothes for the bride, groom as well as for the bridal party much before the wedding day. You can also arrange for the song that was played on their wedding day to be played during this ceremony. I bet this will be the best wedding anniversary gift that your parents will remember forever.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

50th Wedding Anniversary Party Invitations

Throwing an anniversary party for the couples will also be one of the best wedding anniversary ideas. If you do not know much about how to organize a party, you can get some good 50th anniversary party ideas on the Internet. As this wedding anniversary is known as a golden anniversary, you can arrange a party with gold as the main theme. From the invitations to the decorations of the party, make use of the gold color to add glitter and extravaganza to the party. To make it a special occasion for the couple, search for their long lost friends who were present on their wedding, fifty years ago and invite them for the party.

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