Divorce Party Ideas

Having a divorce may seem ridiculous but it’s in fact a celebration which meant for getting over with a relationship. Great divorce party ideas can be enjoyable and help to create a joyful atmosphere. Some great ideas for this kind of party include the wake party, the housewarming party, as well as the cocktail party.

Divorce Parties Ideas

Divorce is hard, so it’s important to celebrate those small victories along the way as you establish your new life. Whether you’ve just made it through your first month or your first full year, commemorate each milestone in order to cope with this difficult time in your life. With this in mind, holding a wake or a housewarming party is appropriate ways to work through your feelings and move on.

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A divorce is the death of a marriage. Even if you are happy about the divorce, you still may have sad feelings over ending this phase of your life. If celebrating a small anniversary such as the one-month mark, commemorate this “death” by holding a wake for your marriage. Acknowledging the finality is a good way to move forward. If you ended your marriage on fairly good terms, toasting the good times might be a positive way to find closure. If a year has passed and you still are holding on to resentment and certain fears about the future, it’s time to let go. Gather a few close friends and select some symbolic items to bury in a “casket” or burn in a fire pit. Cry if you need to, but allow your friends to show you that you are not alone in this time of transition. After the ceremony, have a quiet party to celebrate your life as it is today.

Divorce Party Themes

Divorce Party Ideas

If you recently divorced, you may have moved to a new home, or your old home may be feeling different. Ask your best friends to throw a housewarming party; register for things you need or decorative items that will make your space even more your own. Enjoy selecting pieces your ex was most likely to naysay; surround yourself with objects and decor that make you happy to be the sole decision-maker in your new life. This is a pleasurable activity in the weeks leading up to a two- or three-month anniversary. If your ex-husband refused to sleep in a purple bedroom, or your ex-wife threw out your favorite dogs-playing-poker picture, now is the time to remind yourself of a worthwhile benefit of being single.

Divorce Party

Fully engaging black humor, with the official divorce being a funeral, perhaps a wake is in order? Decorations can be of the black tablecloths and napkins, candles and Halloween style ‘corpse bride’. You can even put out your wedding ring in a coffin and let your friends pay their respects. Moreover, having a cocktail making night is a great idea as well. You can get some creative guests to create some unique divorcee drinks or rename some old favorites.

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