Cinderella Party Ideas

Unique Cinderella party ideas can create a great and interesting party especially for birthday events. For creating a special party with this theme, some aspects to take into account include the decoration, food and drinks, as well as the games and activities.

Cinderella Party Ideas

A Cinderella theme event can be a magical experience for all age groups. Little girls can explore the fairy tale, and be creative and imaginative. Older children and young adults can learn about the proper side of the fairy tale by arriving at “Cinderella’s Ball.”

Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

Decorate your invitations by writing them on a piece of scrapbook paper that looks like an old scroll. Roll the scroll up and place inside a toilet paper or paper towel roll. Wrap the rolls with Cinderella wrapping paper or princess-type birthday wrap. Tie each end with a piece of ribbon and then address and mail to your guests. Next, purchase crepe paper in pink, lavender and white. Use it to decorate your house for the party. Purchase matching Cinderella paper plates, napkins, cups and tablecloth for the food table. You may also want to throw some craft jewels over the food table to make it look like a table you would find in a palace. Choose one chair to be the throne and decorate it with a white sheet and a large pink bow. You can also use ribbon if you have it. Finally, you will want to tie some helium balloons around the house and on the mailbox. Try to stick with the pink, white and lavender colors.

Cinderella Birthday Party

Although the event will have an upscale, formal ambiance, most teenagers likely will not enjoy upscale, formal foods. Instead of serving traditional formal foods, please your teen’s taste buds by serving informal foods with a formal flair. Serve only finger foods, which allow guests to eat while walking and socializing. Menu ideas include mini cheeseburgers, paper cones filled with French fries, bite-size pizzas, miniature tacos, mozzarella sticks and hot dog kabobs. For an added formality, have suited waiters pass these foods around to guests on silver platters. Beverage ideas include a variety of sodas, sparkling water and lemonade served in champagne glasses. As a special treat for the birthday girl, order an elaborate tiered birthday cake featuring a Cinderella cake topper.

Cinderella Party

Cinderella Party Ideas For Girls

Games are essential part for this kind of party and you can modify standard party games to match your theme. For instance, play “Pin the Tiara on the Princess,” or pass the royal gift (a present wrapped in princess-style paper many times, unwrapped once when the music stops). Hide the girls’ shoes with a plastic glass slipper inside each one as a favor, or for older girls, hold a treasure hunt to find Cinderella’s slipper. A few Disney princess items can be added to generic items such as stick-on earrings, star lollipops (resembling wands), as well as the crafts and treats from the party, which they should add to their treat bags as the party progresses.

Cinderella Party Theme Ideas

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