Chocolate Party Ideas

Chocolate party tends to be the most popular types of party especially for kids. With great chocolate party ideas, you can certainly organize a very interesting and welcoming party for your next occasion. It will definitely make a difference.

Chocolate Party Favors

If the mere aroma of chocolate is irresistible to you, make your next party a chocolate-themed one. Soothe guests in mind and body by hosting a chocolate spa party. Whip up chocolate for facials and manicures to refresh skin and melt away stress. Alternately, tantalise guests’ taste buds with a chocolate tasting party. Appreciate the nuances of chocolate using four of the five senses. Or, host a Make Your Own Chocolate Party and create a delectable masterpiece.

Chocolate Themed Party Ideas

Pamper friends with a chocolate spa party. Before sending out invitations, mist them with a chocolate aromatic spray. Set the mood with music, such as “Echoes of Nature,” and light chocolate scented candles. Set up a facial station and a manicure station. Before guests arrive, prepare the facial mask recipe in small bowls equal to the number of guests. Prepare the manicure scrub. Place emery boards, cotton balls and nail polish remover in baskets. Have guests bring their favourite polish. Set out shallow bowls for cuticle soaks. Place hand towels by each station. Arrange decorative dishes with chocolate truffles, dipped pretzels and other chocolate treats, along with bottles of mineral water. Offer organza bags filled with chocolate scented lotion, chocolate soap and Belgian chocolate samplers to take home.

Chocolate Birthday Party Ideas

Treat friends to a chocolate tasting party. Personalise invitations on chocolate paper wrappers. Also, consider a chocolate theme. Ideas include dark, Belgian, vegan, exotic or infused. Set the atmosphere with soft background music. Cut chocolates into bite sized portions. Arrange chocolates on elegant plates adorned with paper doilies. Set up cups and bottled water so that guests can cleanse their pallet between chocolates. Facing the plates, lay title cards and rating forms for guests to note their preferences according to appearance, taste, fragrance and texture. Keep a book, such as “Essence of Chocolate: Recipes for Baking and Cooking with Fine Chocolate,” on hand with chocolate themed note cards. Once the taste tasting component is concluded, offer coffee, champagne and other beverages.

Chocolate Party Favor Ideas

Chocolate Fountain will make an elegant centrepiece and is a lot of fun. You can buy these small fountains for a reasonable price and rent larger ones. For a cheaper alternative, consider a making a rich chocolate fondue. You can still dip pieces of fruit, cake, marshmallows, graham crackers and pretzels into the mixture. But since the fondue tends to be a bit thicker in consistency than the fountain, there is also less mess potential.

Chocolate Party Ideas

Indulge friends with a Make Your Own Chocolate Party. Send out invitations in chocolate brown with raspberry accents. Gather all the necessary essentials and ingredients, such as dipping forks, double boiler, moulds and recipes. Recommended chocolate treats to create are dipped fruits and pretzels, chocolate truffles and individual moulds. Prior to the party, set up two to three stations. Include one for dipping with plates of fruits and pretzels, dipping forks, small paper plates, napkins and any coatings. At the next station, set up moulds, lollipop sticks and coatings. The morning of the party, arrange the ingredients for each station. Set the stage with some lively music. Serve beverages and light snacks. Give each guest a candy box with pads to take home their delectable creations.

Chocolate Tasting Party Ideas

Whether you have a candy theme party or a regular traditional event, you can’t go wrong if you send your guests home with tasty party favours. Personalized chocolate-bars are popular. The candy bar wrappers are imprinted with your message and sometimes even a photo. You can also find little mint size tins filled with these gourmet treats with the top cover displaying a personalized design customized for the occasion. Your party favours don’t have to be limited to the edible variety. You can also give away cocoa scented candles, lip balm and bath beads.