Bar Mitzvah Party Ideas

A bar mitzvah ceremony celebrates a Jewish boy turning age 13 and crossing from childhood to adulthood. In addition to a religious service, a 13-year-old boy can have a separate bar mitzvah party that allows him to be recognized among his friends and have fun with them. Planning a bar mitzvah party can be fun, and requires an understanding of how the 13-year-old wishes to celebrate his coming of age.

Bar Mitzvah Favors

Determine whether you want to have dancing at your bar mitzvah party. If so, plan to rent a dance floor, or reserve a place in your party venue for dancing. In addition, find a professional dance instructor who is willing to lead the partygoers in Israeli dance steps that fit the guests’ skill level. Also, hire a DJ or live band to play klezmer music — the traditional secular music of Ashkenazi and Hasidic Jews — during the bar mitzvah party.

Bar Mitzvah Party

You can make plans for the person for whom you are throwing the bar mitzvah party to say a speech. Allow the 13-year-old boy to express his thoughts on the past week’s Torah readings and stress why he is dedicated to the values of the Jewish teachings. Avoid having a themed bar mitzvah party such as one that focuses on sports or movies — whatever the 13-year-old’s interests are — and stay focused on the spiritual aspect of the bar mitzvah celebration. Sometimes these themes detract from the true meaning of the party.

Bar Mitzvah Party Favors

Decorate your bar mitzvah party venue with Israel-themed items. For instance, let the balloons at the party be blue and white — the colours of Israel’s flag. In addition, allow each table at the bar mitzvah party to bear the name of a different city in the country. Consider putting miniature versions of the Israeli flag in the middle of each party table, and make the bar mitzvah cake blue and white as well. During the party, plan also to give your 13-year-old bar mitzvah boy a gift such as a charity box, also called a tzedakah box, in which he can deposit coins to support a Jewish school.

Bar Mitzvah Party Ideas

You should also think of the food to prepare and the beverages you will need. The Bar Mitzvah party will be for your kid. Make sure that you consult with your kid about the food and beverages you are considering. You can get a caterer who is familiar with a Bar Mitzvah party and who has a menu to suggest to you. The theme for the party will also depend on what your child wants. If your child loves sports, go for a sports- party. Entertainment can be hired or you can ask some members of your family and some of your child’s friends to gather together and make a grand performance.

Bar Mitzvah Themes

Due to the fact that is not something easy, if you are not experienced with the procedures of a Bar Mitzvah party than you are most defiantly going to need some kind of help to create something worth remembering. There are of course agencies that are familiar with this special event and can take care of all the planning for you but not everybody wants to throw a standard Bar Mitzvah party. After all the best way to show someone the importance of the event and how much it means to you is taking over of the party planning yourself. If that is your case than you better prepare to work hard on it.

Bat Mitzvah Party Ideas

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