Abc Party Ideas

ABC party ideas can be a theme for adults’ or children’s birthday party. If it’s for adults, the meaning will be different from the one for children and it stands for “Anything but Cloth”. This kind of party centred on costumes and it’s a creative party and will surely bring lots of fun.

Whether you are an adult or a child, a party theme adds an interesting twist to any basic party. The ABC party theme is a simple idea for a child’s party and a slightly risqué idea for adult parties.

ABC party for adults stands for “Anything But Clothes.” The overall idea for this type of party is really quite simple: guests are required to dress in anything other than clothes. The ABC party is a popular theme party held by college fraternities. Guests attending the party will be expected to come dressed in any material that they choose as long as none of it is real clothing. Guests should be inventive and try to create a unique look using just about anything they can find. Costumes made from things around the house can be inexpensive and creative. It is also acceptable to wear underclothing, as long as it is concealed with added ABC materials. As one might imagine, the possibilities are endless!

Newspaper would be another easily accessible choice and might be a quick fix for someone who forgot to choose a costume in advance. Newspapers are large and cover the body easily, and can be folded to fit all body shapes and sizes. It is important to remember that newspaper is also very thin and can tear easily and might require the guest to wear something else underneath, such as plastic wrap and undergarments. A quick and easy idea for a woman would be to make a strapless dress, which would require just tape and newsprint. For a man’s costume, a pair of pants would be easy to assemble with little planning.

Garbage bags can make a simple costume. Simply cut a hole in the bottom of a black or other coloured garbage bag and slip it on. Then decide where the armholes should be and cut them out of the bag as well. For someone who is tall, it might take two bags taped together to achieve the desired length. For a woman, a fun addition might be to create leggings with another trash bag to wear underneath a garbage bag dress.

With an ABC party for children, the party theme simply revolves around the alphabet and/or numbers. It is a popular birthday party theme for children turning 2 or 3, which is typically around the ages when they learn letters.

For a child’s ABC party, allow the ABC theme to extend into all areas of the party. Decorations include alphabet blocks, alphabet books and painted wooden letters hung from the ceilings and walls. For the menu, serve pasta salad with alphabet noodles and use alphabet cookie cutters on sandwiches and sugar cookies.

Alphabet blocks are one of the major ways to reinforce the ABCs. Play with this idea by using blocks as both decorations and games. In the centre of the table, or tables, make some basic constructions using alphabet blocks. If you have a larger budget, expand this idea by spelling out each guest’s name using alphabet blocks at their place setting. For babies, toddlers and the pre-K set, time to play with these blocks later on, after cake and ice cream, can provide a time for energy release.

You can find letters for party decorations in most party-supply stores, as well as at discount stores. Buy plenty of ABCs, of course, as well as one complete alphabet for a larger wall; otherwise, decorate with random letters. For older children, a great party activity can be taking down one wall of letters and seeing how many words they can spell with the letters they find.