Block Party Ideas

Block party is an enjoyable type of party which can bring a lot of fun to the guests. There are many aspects to consider when organizing for this kind of party such as the invitation, location, food and drinks, as well as the party games.

A Block party is usually important especially if you are new in your neighbourhood or you have new neighbours; this is the best way to interact. Even though the cost of putting up one may be expensive, it is good to make new friends. When hosting or attending a block party, it also gives you a chance to meet with your long lost friends and relatives, it is commonly known as a get-together. When you need block party ideas, you need to have a theme to coincide with the kind of party you are planning to host.

It is also good to set some limits to your guests by providing them with the dos and don’ts during the party. Even though it is awkward to write down guidelines, it’s also good because some people get out of hand especially when they get drunk, others misbehave naturally so you have to show them you are in charge. When planning a block party, you also need to invite other people to help you inn coming up with new ideas to have an entertaining party that one would find it hard to get rid from his or her mind. A block party can also have many hosts even though it is held at one place. Contributions can be made by anyone interested it’s not up to host to do everything by him or herself.

Choose a location that will accommodate a large number of people. You will have chairs, grills, coolers, tables, and more, so make sure to find a space that is large enough. When I organized a block party for my street last spring, I made sure to choose a site that would be shaded during our afternoon party. After choosing a grassy common area in our neighbourhood, I kept track of when the sprinklers came on to make sure we didn’t schedule the party just in time for a shower.

You can’t have a terrific party without delicious food. The cheapest and easiest way to organize food for a neighbourhood block party is to have a potluck. Potluck meals are usually jam-packed with fabulous dishes because people prepare their all-time favourite recipes. Casseroles, salads, breads, and desserts are among the most popular potluck cuisine. There will most likely be children at the party, so make sure there are plenty of kid friendly food options. When people RSVP, ask them what pot luck dish they plan to share. As the organizer, keep a list of what people are bringing to make sure you don’t end up with eight pasta salads and no cookies. As stated on the invitation, families will bring their own drinks and meat for the grill. A potluck meal simplifies the food planning duties of the organizer.

Block parties generally close off a portion of the road during the festivities, allowing a good amount of space to play games that involve running. A game that combines both “tag” and “mother, May I” has players pretend they are chickens. One person plays the Mother Hen, who stands in the middle of two destination points, which can be two traffic cones at opposite sides of the street. The rest of the players pretend to be the Mother Hen’s chicks. When Mother Hen calls for her chicks to come help her, the chicks run to the opposite destination, avoiding Mother Hen in the middle. Mother Hen tries to tag as many chicks as possible. The person left untagged after several “rounds” takes Mother Hen’s place in the middle for the next game.

With organized planning, the only sizeable tasks on party day will be setting up and cleaning up. When the big day arrives, recruits some older kids to set up tables, barbecues, coolers, and chairs about an hour ahead of time. As people start to arrive, introduce yourself and offer a name tag to each person. Place potluck dishes on tables. Direct the kids to the play area. Don’t forget to be flexible if things don’t go exactly as planned. Remember that the main reason for the get together is to relax and get to know one another. So sit back and enjoy yourself. Soak up the sense of community that is building. Watch the kids play as the adults talk, laugh, and sip iced tea like the good old days.