Bbq Party Ideas

BBQ party is a great choice especially during the summer holidays. There are many different ways to organize and hold the party and one of the popular ways is holding the party in the backyard. Party menu and games are perhaps the most important things for a BBQ party.

Food is a focal point of almost every kind of party, and a backyard barbecue is no different. A gathering of friends and family for a few hours around the grill is a tradition worldwide. While backyard barbecues must provide good food for guests, they are also more enjoyable with some games and activities. When all of the food is eaten, planning some entertainment for guests of a barbecue will ensure that more visitors stay at the party.

Most BBQs are located in a patio area and the patio should be well organized and functional. Because a BBQ is generally a buffet type of meal, a table should be arranged on the patio where salads and sauces can be easily obtained when holding a plate of freshly barbecued fish or meat. It is important for furniture to be placed properly if a patio area is small and somewhat restricted. However, the most important factor is the positioning of the BBQ itself. Ensure the BBQ is separated from the seating area or there is a buffer for the obvious safety aspects. This is even more crucial when children are present.

Cooking the food for a backyard barbecue is often something that a host enjoys. Hearing compliments from barbecue guests makes any cook feel good. However, a way to get your entire barbecue guests involved in the party is to ask each one to bring her favourite homemade side dish, salad or dessert to the barbecue, which lets each barbecue guest add a personal touch to the party. In addition to each guest bringing a favourite homemade dish, ask everyone to bring copies of the recipe to exchange with other guests. If someone at the barbecue likes a particular dish, the recipe is available for him to take home.

Tropical barbecue menus are ideal for themes that include luaus, beach and pool parties. Grill ribs with sweet-and-sour sauce, prawns, lemon chicken and grilled tuna steaks for the main course. Put slices of fresh pineapple on the grill and have a refreshing fruit salad of melons, berries, grapes and fresh mint leaves. Toasted coconut flan, fried bananas or grilled amaretto peaches for dessert continues the tropical theme.

Kabobs can be prepared to fit any theme, any food requirements and, best of all, can be made in advance. Fill skewers with lamb chunks, peppers, onion and cherry tomatoes. Add pieces of pineapple for a sweeter taste. Tabouli and fresh spinach salad complement kabob main dishes. Barbecued fruit kabobs are good for desserts, while skewers filled with an array of fresh vegetables are suitable for vegetarian guests. Shrimp or pieces of boneless chicken tucked in between the fruit or veggies add a special treat for meat eaters.

Barbecue party games need to provide entertainment but not produce a mess. Party guests are less likely to play if they have a chance of getting wet or dirty, which is why a hard-boiled egg relay race is a good backyard barbecue party activity. You can either play this game with the men against the women or as couples. Either way you play it, tell the members of each team or the couples to race a set distance balancing a hard-boiled egg on a spoon. Each contestant carries the egg on the spoon from the starting line to a predetermined spot and turns around and come back as quickly as possible. If the egg drops, a person has to stop and pick it up before continuing. The team or couple that finishes first wins the egg relay.

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