Army Party Ideas

When preparing for an army party, there are some army party ideas that you may need to consider which include the decoration, food and drink, invitation, games and activities as well as the party favours.

Warfare and the military are exciting subjects for kids, particularly young boys, who often dress up as army men and incorporate a military theme into their backyard and playground games. You can use this fascination as a base for a memorable party — for a child’s birthday, for instance. The supplies you’ll need are available from military surplus stores and online, so setting up the venue for a military-themed party shouldn’t be much trouble at all.

Invitations to an army men-themed party should be written in a militaristic style. Include an army logo — of your own design or based on the U.S. Army insignia — and refer to the guests as troops or recruits. Sign the invitation with the name of a fictional commanding officer and ask the guests to arrive at a base, not the venue.

Barbecued meat and fizzy drinks will go down well at an army-themed party, but to add a military touch, consider buying ration packs or ready-made meals from your nearest army surplus store. These meals will authentically recreate the feel of living at a temporary base on a military campaign. You can incorporate the colours of the theme into the drinks by adding green food colouring to lemonade to create swamp juice.

Every birthday celebration should have a cake and, for an army theme, you must have a camouflage cake. You can make one sheet cake for all of the party guests or you could make cupcakes for an individual camouflaged treat. Ice the cake or cupcakes with white frosting and decorate them with green and brown icing to create a camouflage design. It might take some practice to create the right look for the cake, but the end result is well worth the effort for an army-themed party.

If you’ve got any small army men toys, such as the classic green figures seen in the movie “Toy Story,” you can create a treasure hunt by hiding several of these miniatures around the party venue. Kids must search for the figures, which could be hidden behind plant pots or in kitchen drawers, for instance, scoring points per soldier found. If you’ve got outdoor space, set up an assault course, utilizing planks of wood for players to run across and ropes for kids to climb up. The participant who completes the course in the fastest time wins a prize.

Lastly, you can prepare for some personalized dog tags made with the birthday boy’s name and birthday. Find miniature tin canteens or give out large plastic canteens people can use for camping, hiking or just general day-to-day running around. Binoculars are other good favour ideas as it’s something lots of people don’t already have and can use.

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