Toy Story Party Ideas

Toy Story is a Disney classic, full of silliness, but also showing great friendships and lessons about trust. Loved by kids everywhere, this movie has been enjoyed again and again and again. With such a huge variety of characters, like Woody, Buzz, Bo, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky and Rex, Toy Story makes a great theme for any child’s birthday party, whether they are a boy or a girl.

Party invitation is an important aspect for a party. To start off, you can choose one of the characters of Toy Story, and use it as a mold of your invitation. For Woody, for example, the invitations may have a rope or a cowboy hat. Buzz Light-year to the inside of the card could be yellow and in front you could color it black with small holes drilled, playing a star-filled sky. Somewhere you cannot forget to write the character’s famous catchphrase “To infinity and beyond.”

For the decoration, you can decorate your party rooms (or yard) with a cowboy/Wild West theme (Woody is a cowboy, after all). You can use ropes tied into lassos, bushels of hay and fake cacti. You can make fake cacti out of paper Mache molded over craft wire, or you can buy plastic cacti online. You can make a banner by hanging yellow felt stars from a rope that spell out “Happy Birthday.” You can also provide cowboy and cowgirl hats for the guests to wear during the party. Give guests star sheriff stickers for their chests, and make their outfits complete.

Furthermore, you can also create centerpieces on the tables made up of your child’s favorite toys in a toy basket. Hide plastic army men throughout the party area, peeking out from behind plants or other items. Decorate a Buzz-themed party with lime green, purple, orange and turquoise. Decorate a Woody-themed party with red, gold, cow print, denim and cowboy hats. Hang posters of the “Toy Story” movies or play the movies on a television in the party area with the volume turned down so as not to be too disruptive.

The characters in the first “Toy Story” movie visit Pizza Planet for an important scene, so a pizza meal would fit in well with the theme. Other ideas include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut with cookie cutters into shapes from the movies, such as a star sheriff badge, spaceship or race car. Decorate the cake with “Toy Story” figurines or use colored icing to draw some characters, such as Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head or Jessie.

Send children to hunt for the hidden army men spying on the birthday party like the army men did in the first “Toy Story” movie. Do a craft where children decorate cardboard sheriff’s badges with paint, markers and glitter. Instead of playing pin the tail on the donkey, create a large image of a “Toy Story” character with something missing, such as Woody’s badge or Mr. Potato Head’s nose, and have children try to pin the missing item on the correct location.

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