Wine Tasting Party Ideas

You can organize a wine tasting party during your leisure time by following some wine tasting party ideas. It is an excellent way to expand your taste buds, find great inexpensive wines as well as to increase your knowledge of wine varieties. The party can also have a style or theme and have all the other aspects such as decoration and food to be based on it.

You don’t have to be a wine expert to host a splendid, fun and educational wine tasting party. This is a great way to socialize with your neighbors and friends and learn a little about wine at the same time. Hosting a wine tasting party is an excellent way to expand your taste buds, find great inexpensive wines that you enjoy and increase your knowledge of wine varieties.

The idea with this theme is to select wines from a variety of countries. You can find many affordable and delicious options by opting for wines from places not yet popular for their wines. A very budget friendly and fun option would be to have your guests each bring a bottle of wine from a different or obscure country-you might consider giving them a specific country on their invitation to avoid getting several bottles from one country.

The very first thing you need to consider is to invite the people you want to celebrate with in your wine tasting party at home. Prepare all the essential things you need for a party. In a party, it is normal to see that your visitors would come together and discuss the wines they have tasted. For bigger party, it is a great idea to place wine tasting stations so it could accommodate all your visitors. Wine glasses are the very best thing you can offer to your visitors. If you want to have class wine glasses, you can rent it from party-rental complies. Make sure to give buckets for tasters. Always place pitchers of water near the stations so that whenever your visitors would like to taste another kind of wine, they go there and rinse their palettes and glasses.

Fruits and cheeses make excellent companions to wine. In addition to standards like strawberries, blueberries, melon and grapes, consider some unusual selections: star fruit, kiwi, or mango. Use moderation with these unique offerings however, as the prices will be considerably more than the traditional fare. The same rule applies for cheeses. Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and even Bleu cheeses will provide a starting point. Delicious wine complements include fruit infused Stilton, smoked Gouda, Brie, Port saluted, and Bourse. Supply a variety of crackers and baguettes to go with the cheeses.

You can focus your wine tasting party on a particular style or theme that may compliment the dinner you will be serving later in the evening. For example, if you intend on serving duck, goose, roast chicken, roast beef or roast lamb ask your guests to bring a full flavored cabernet sauvignon or merlot that is under $10. Setting a price limit prevents that one guest from trying to buy the best wine by bringing the most expensive wine.

After you have cycled through all of the wines, have each guests finalize their notes and identify their most and least favorite wine for each of the three senses: sight, smell and taste. Also have each individual pick their overall favorite and least favorite wine. Begin comparing notes for each of the wines. Once the favorites are identified by each individual, remove the bags from the wine bottles to identify the winners and losers. If serving a meal afterwards, offer your guests some of the wine just sampled with the meal. This will further expand on the tasting experience as foods are introduced to complement the wines. This can be a fun and exciting way to host a wine tasting party in your home with some of your friends.

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