Train Party Ideas

Train party ideas are suitable for those kids who love trains. Organizing this kind of party can be very simple and some of the considerations include the party invitations, decoration, party menu, party games, as well as the party favors.

When planning for a train party for a little railroad enthusiast, you can hardly go wrong. The chance to play with trains and have his friends over can be very exciting. Gather small novelty train items to use as door prizes and favors to keep everyone engaged throughout the party. Train whistles, conductor hats and bandannas can be given out at the door so everyone can dress the part.

Make official-looking tickets for party invitation. Place the party details on a three-by-five blank index card. Use a word processing program with a classic font. Print out on a sheet of gray or tan paper. Cut it to size and then glue it on the index card. Use envelopes as the ticket-holder. Seal and then make a diagonal cut through one side. Place stickers that look like old stamps on the outside. Slip the ticket in place and then mail in a small manila envelope. Be sure to add the guest’s name on each ticket and request that guests bring the tickets to the ticket booth on the day of the party. The tickets can then be used to award door prizes throughout the party.

Set up a train station in your yard, basement or other party area. Hang train posters and maps and make railroad signs from poster board. Make traffic signs and signs for the different areas of the party. Cut out the shapes of stop signs, yield signs and crossing signs, and paint and then staple them onto dowels. You can place a “Train Station” sign over the food table. Make a ticket booth from a large appliance box or a smaller box set on a card table. If the train party is outdoors, you can paint train tracks directly on the grass. Once the grass is mowed, all evidence will be gone. If you are inside, use masking tape to create the tracks.

You can prepare food and drinks that are related or based on the theme of the party. Make a large sheet cake and frost it in one of your theme colors. Draw frosting train tracks on the cake and decorate it with toy train signs, traffic lights and toy trains on the tracks. You can also make three round cakes and a loaf cake, decorating each round cake in a shade of red, yellow or green outlined in gray and the loaf in gray. Put them together to make a stop light cake. Serve toddler friendly finger foods such as carrot sticks, apple slices and grapes along with sandwiches cut into train shapes with a cookie cutter.

Party games can be very simple. You can let the party guests make their own train cars. Before the party, gather large sturdy cardboard boxes. The grocery store is usually a good resource for these. Cut a hole in the top and leave the bottom open so the kids can step inside. Attach straps with wide grosgrain ribbon. The straps will go over the child’s shoulders and hold the train car on the child. Set out art supplies–crayons, markers, stickers, paper, scissors and glue–so the kids can decorate their train cars. Once everyone is finished, they can line up and play follow the leader as a train. Play a dress-up relay game. Put a set of work clothes into two boxes. Include items such as a flannel shirt, train hat, bandanna, and oversized jeans or overalls. Divide the group into two teams. When you blow the train whistle, the first person on each team races to get dressed. Once all the items are on, they have to run over to a table in the center of the playing area and ring a bell. Then go back, take off all the clothes and tag the next person on their team.

As an appreciation to the guests, you can build a mock steam engine out of cardboard, with a cut-out for the coal. Have one of the children shovel “coal” into the steam engine–but make it candy instead. Have a little baggie inside the mock engine. Once the child fills it, he can take it home as a party favor.

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