Pool Party Ideas

Pool party ideas are great for not only kids and teenagers, but also adults. It is considered the most enjoyable type of party which you can ever have! When organizing this type of party, you may need to plan earlier and consider some of the important aspects of the whole party such as the party decoration, invitation, food as well as the activities for the party.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of pool ownership is entertaining family and friends in and around its refreshing waters. For casual family get-togethers to a lovely poolside wedding, the pool has unlimited uses as an entertainment venue. With a few starter ideas and a little creativity, you will find your pool environment can become the centerpiece of family’s social life. Fortunately, pools create a lovely setting by themselves. But there are some beautiful and often inexpensive ways to decorate in and around the pool to create a festive atmosphere. A pool party is the perfect way to cool off during the hot summer months. Pool parties are also a great way for kids to celebrate the end of the school year or a summer birthday!

For an evening party, candles are always a wonderful way to set the mood and the citronella outdoor candles have the added advantage of help with insect control. To decorate poolside tables, try filling tiny flowerpots with sand and a votive or tea light candle, and perhaps tying the pot with a raffia or ribbon accent. Floating candles are always lovely in the pool, as are giant magnolias or other waxy-leaved plants or flowers that will float. There are a myriad of other decorative candles available in your local pool store or home center store as well.

It is very simple to make a showy floating centerpiece for your pool party, and choice of accessories and flowers on it can complement your party theme. Start with a flat Styrofoam base, and, if necessary, use floral picks wired to real flowers to create your centerpiece. You can also put the Styrofoam inside a floating pool animal ring, such as a flamingo for a tropical or luau party. Then use clear fishing line to anchor the floating centerpiece in the center of the pool, tying the line to rope anchors or skimmers on either side of the pool.

Obviously the pool is a natural for parties for kids or family parties including lots of kids. Any time you are mixing kids with water, some special considerations are vital. Whenever children are in or around the pool, have very firm rules for safety. And enforce them unequivocally.

The pool is a terrific place to entertain the “young” teenagers just awkwardly entering the social world as they all are at that age. The little girl who will spend hours picking out her special bikini for the party, perhaps battling with her mom over how skimpy a suit is in good taste, will invariably swim in from of the boys only swathed in a shapeless tee shirt over it!

For a preteen or early teen party, provide lots of “throwing” toys and activities, lots of simple food, unobtrusive but careful adult supervision, and watch the kids relax, have fun and begin to develop their social skills in a safe and healthy atmosphere. If the pool includes a spa, the kids love sitting in groups in the spa and laughing and talking when the ball-throwing action dies down. Your pool-friendly home will soon become the venue of choice for a safe and fun teen social scene.

In addition to gathering together all the supplies you’ll need for the party itself, don’t forget to pack the perfect beach bag. This is especially important if you’re planning to host the party at a community pool instead of at home. Don’t forget these beach bag essentials: bathing suit, cover-up, towel, sandals, sunglasses, sunscreen, chopstick, hat, grown-up snacks, and a bottle of water.

There are some other very special events you can enjoy with your pool as the centerpiece as well. If you have always wanted to get away for a week or two to a fancy spa, consider this – you can create your very own spa-at-home experience for yourself and friends and family right in your own backyard! If the children are away at camp of visiting Grandma for a week or weekend, or perhaps you have a week of vacation, create your own health-spa-by-the pool week or weekend!

Plan some fun pool party games to keep the kids engaged during the party. Since the kids will already be wet, focus on water-based games that will keep the kids cool. Some great pool party games for kids include a water balloon toss, diving to retrieve colored rings, and watermelon seed spitting contests. You can also set up a slip and slide or let kids run through the sprinkler.

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