Theme Party Ideas For Adults

You may think that theme party ideas for adults are easy to think of. But most of the time, this is not the case. Some great ideas for adult’s party include the Arabian night party, survivor theme party, witches and warlock costume play party, as well as the decade party.

If you think brainstorming ideas for children’s costume parties is a challenge, coming up with themes and activities for adults can prove to be just as difficult. Many adults are hard to please and might find costume parties flat out boring or childish. However, if you have the right overall concept for an adult costume party, your guests may lose their tightly wound inhibitions, let loose and flat out have a great time. You just need a splash of inspiration and a dash of originality so that the party you’re set to host will be a total blast.

Arabian night party is a great theme for adult. This theme is obviously inspired by the 1001 Arabian night’s stories. Organizing an Arabian night party is easy, so let’s start with the invitations. Make full use of your creativity to make the invitations look typical Arabian. One unique idea for invitation is to send them in the form of flying carpets. As we know, Arabian nights are full of magic, and flying carpets are one of the main features of this magical world. You can make these flying carpets at home itself with cotton or nylon. Tiny carpets are also available in the market. Decorate these carpets with tassels on both ends, stick your invitation on it, and then roll it up. Send this rolled invitation and see the excitement on your guests’ faces when they unroll the carpets!

Survivor party is another idea that you may use. This theme has been inspired by the various reality TV shows. Send your guests formal invitations asking them to participate in your survival party. Decorate the party hall with palm trees, palm fronds, grass huts (if possible), umbrellas, etc. You can even lay fishnets and seashells to give a tropical look to your party. Decorate the tables with tiki torches and piñata centerpieces. The food can consist of steamed veggies, spicy pork rice, barbecued chicken, crab salad, cheesecakes, red lobsters, etc. Also serve drinks like Pinna Coladas, Margaritas and Mai Tai. The main feature of this party is the difficult activities or tasks. If you are a regular viewer of these TV shows, you must have observed that worm eating is a common task in every show. So a worm eating competition is a must for this party also, but instead of real worms has a gummy worm eating competition! Other tasks can include obstacle course, treasure hunt, tug of war, etc. The guests will surely enjoy this party!

Witches and warlock theme party makes a great choice as well. It is a fantastically suggestive themed party. Cauldrons with red or orange lights underneath add a fantastic eerie glow to the whole scene. Old video tape can be cut up and stuck to the top of the wall to resemble a black curtain flowing in the breeze. Sparklers add sparkle to cocktails and if a fog machine is present the entire better for the effect. A change light bulb for green, red and orange colors, the total effect is awesome. Make a giant paper Mache spider for the front of the house and paint it black with luminous eyes.

Decade theme parties are extremely popular and can be also be utilized for themed birthday parties also. Guests have masses of fun dressing in outfits from their high school and college days. Flowered pants, peace signs, and John Lennon glasses are good for a 60′s theme. Bell-bottom Levi’s or Wranglers are very good for that 70′s party- or go flat out with your leisure suit. Punk hair pieces, mezpahs, and jelly bracelets are great for a retro 80′s look.