White Trash Party Ideas

There are many white trash party ideas which you may use for your next party. White trash parties are laid back, country-style affairs that are just plain fun. Some considerations for this type of party include the food, decoration, venue of party, drinks or beverages, invitations, as well as the costume for the party.

The term “white trash” usually represents all things tacky and unrefined. The people whom you’d refer to as white trash are stereotyped as those living in trailer parks and getting caught up in ridiculous debauchery. Taking out the trash takes on a whole new meaning when you throw a party with a white trash theme. White trash parties are laid back, country-style affairs that are just plain fun. Have Billy Bob bring his fiddle, have Mama make her famous pigs in a blanket and pop open a can of the cheapest beer you can find — it’s time for the white trash get-together.

It’s important to choose the right setting for your white trash party — not just any place will do. The optimum choice is a trailer — preferably a single-wide — but if you want to get fancy, a double-wide will work. In the absence of a trailer, look for your local redneck bar, empty barn or even your garage or driveway, particularly if you have a car that’s up on blocks to add to the hillbilly atmosphere.

Forget the fancy hors d’oeuvres, fine wine and finger sandwiches — white trash parties require their own kind of cuisine. Must-have items include cheese that squirts from a can, beans and wieners, pigs in a blanket, sloppy Joes and any kind of canned, processed ham-type meat. Don’t bother with exotic cheeses. Choose the American kind that comes individually wrapped for convenience. The only beverage required for a white trash party is cheap beer in flimsy aluminum cans that the men can crush against their foreheads. If you want to go all out, mix up a pitcher of powdered drink mix, add a fizzy citrus pop — discount store brand, preferably — and ice cubes and you have instant party punch. If you don’t have enough jam jars for everyone to drink out of, ask your guests to provide their own.

In keeping with your white trash theme, you want your desserts to look cheap. You want to make desserts that leave out certain traditional ingredients in favor of cheaper food stuffs. For instance, instead of making a regular pie, ground up some graham crackers and place them on the bottom of a pie pan. Add on top of it some instant pudding. Place it in the refrigerator for an hour or two until it gets cold. The “pie” will hardly hold its position when you serve it, but that only lends itself to your party theme. For smaller desserts, give your party guests snack cakes bought from the store and serve them with the wrappers still on.

Tacky, homemade decorations are the way to go for the white trash party. Fill an old washtub with the entire plastic flower you can find, use red, white and blue streamers and balloons, no matter what time of year it is and just turn on the Christmas lights you haven’t taken down yet even though it’s the middle of July. If you happen to have an old toilet in your yard, or an old tire, dress them up with bunches of flowers as well.

It’s extremely important that all of your guests look the part. Women should empty the contents of their makeup bags onto their faces and put on the tightest jeans, skirts or pants they own. If they pair those with a low-cut top that fits like a second skin, a pair of tacky high heels and the biggest earrings they own, they’re good to go. Men are a lot easier to dress for a white trash party. Have they leave their shirts at the door — although sleeveless undershirts are acceptable, especially when stretched over a beer belly — and make sure they kick off their shoes before entry. All white trash parties are officially barefoot events, except for the high heels mentioned above.

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