Wizard Of Oz Party Ideas

There are many different Wizard of Oz party ideas which you can choose from you are thinking of hosting such a party. Some considerations to consider include the party planning, decorations, as well as the party centerpiece. You may use the characters in the film as your party centerpieces.

With Wizard of Oz being a popular subject of Halloween costume, making it party theme for a special day could be fantastic and cool. “The Wizard of Oz” is an Academy Award-winning fantasy film starring Judy Garland. If you are planning a “Wizard of Oz”-themed party, use the four whimsical characters to create centerpiece designs. Highlight a character at each table, using the Wizard as the centerpiece for the food or gift table. Be creative in your use of props and accessories to model the storybook style of the movie.

Planning is the key to any successful party, either it is for Halloween, birthday, or any other special occasions. Make a guest list and call each of their guests for their presence. This gives you the basic idea on how many people are going to come to the party. Ask them to dress in costume of any characters from Wizard of Oz. Send invitations to them. Buy or make Wizard of Oz style invitations, to let people know that party is interesting. Make a list of all the stuff you’ll need for the party: food, drinks, decorations, gifts, etc. Make a list of activities that you want people to be involved in the party. Recommended activities include Coolest Wizard of Oz costume contest and role plays. You may also ask friends for new cool game ideas. A week before the party, call the guests again to confirm that they’ll come. This is important as people’s plans always change, and you need to have everything under control.

Then you can begin to decorate the house several days before the party, one day a little. Thus you won’t be overwhelmed by tons of work you’ll have to attend the day the party is on. If you like, make a yellow brick road leading up to the party entrance. People will immediately get into the mood upon their arrival.

For the party centerpiece, there are many different ideas to choose from. You can use the characters in the film such as Dorothy, the lion, tin man as well as the scarecrow. Dorothy is the main character in “The Wizard of Oz” and is accompanied throughout the film by her dog, Toto. She wants to visit the Wizard of Oz so that she can get back home to her farm in Kansas. Bundles of hay, a stuffed dog and a pair of ruby-red ballet flats should be used for a Dorothy-themed centerpiece. Fill a large tin washtub with hay then add the props on top. Use the tiny blue and white checkerboard print from her dress as inspiration for a table runner underneath your centerpiece.

The lion in the movie seeks courage but spends much of the time in the film chasing away predators. Use the lion’s orange fur as inspiration to create a mat for your centerpiece. You can find a long-haired sheet of fake fur at a fabric store that looks like the lion. Use fighting action figures as accessories on top of the mat. As a contrast, tie pink satin ribbons around the edge of the “fur” mat to show the softer side of the lion.
As with Dorothy’s centerpiece, the scarecrow can also be presented using hay. However, you can bundle the hay with burlap sacks to create prop stands for classic novels. The scarecrow desires brains, but demonstrates wit throughout the film. Use vintage hardcover books for a more authentic look. The movie was released in 1939 and the books should look appropriate to the time period.

When the party starts, let the music rock first. Play Wizard of Oz movie soundtrack sounds quite good. Then let the contest rock. Set prizes for the winners. It’ll be really fun. People like that. Serve people with Wizard of Oz theme food. Feel free to create. Use your imagination. Give each guest a small Wizard of Oz theme gift upon their departure. This will leave people a lingering memory for your party.

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