Wine And Cheese Party Ideas

Wine and cheese party ideas are great during summer time. This type of party is good for gathering since it is rather simple and elegant. When organizing this kind of party, you may also need to offer other kinds of beverages and food besides wine and cheese so as to meet the guests’ preferences.

A wine and cheese party can be a great way to get together with friends or for a special bridal or wedding shower, birthday party or other celebration. It is easy to put together with a minimum of work even if you don’t know much about wine or cheese! You can throw together a simple but elegant party without a lot of fuss and have an interesting theme to boot.

Setting up the party room is dictated by a couple of things – the amount of space available and the room’s shape. If the room will allow it, you can set up a long table against the wall. This table would be divided into different sections. If this configuration doesn’t work, then you could set up several small “stations” around the room with smaller tables.

When you set up the tables, think simple and elegant. You want this to be an upscale party. You could use solid white tablecloths adorned with white candles decorated with grapes and grape leaves. If those aren’t available, then use something seasonal. The cheeses should be labeled with information about the flavor or any other interesting facts, such as age. A nice touch is to have a cutting board and knife or other cutter for each type of cheese.

A wine and cheese party needs more than just wine and cheese! You’ll also want to provide lots of interesting breads and crackers. Perhaps you can prepare some caviar? And don’t forget dessert – a cheesecake would be in keeping with the theme but any dessert will do! And finally, some coffee might be in order after all that wine and please make sure that no one drives after having too much wine.

Besides wine and cheese, don’t forget to offer alternative beverages for those who choose not to drink alcohol. As well, you should plan to add some, if not all, of the following to your table; assorted crackers or toasts, fresh fruit such as apples, pears and grapes, and both black and green olives. You’ll also need wine glasses, corkscrews, plates, napkins, cheese boards and cheese knives. Remember that everyone will need a glass for each type of wine.

When setting up the things, you could simply arrange everything on one table but depending on the number of guests, this may become a bit inconvenient. Try placing the wine and cheese groupings around the room at different ‘stations’. This will encourage your guests to circulate and avoids congestion around one table. Consider using blank recipe cards so that you can label the different cheeses with their name, a description of the flavor and perhaps a few details about where it was made. Do the same with the wine.

Besides that, you will also need to keep the accessories simple and understated, like white tablecloths and candles. Use seasonally themed decorations; if it’s winter time, you might want to use holly, pine garlands or holiday decorations. In the fall consider using colorful leaves. Summertime wine and cheese parties are a perfect opportunity to showcase flowers from your garden or simply purchase from a flower shop.