Valentines Day Party Ideas Part 2

Continued from Valentines Day Party Ideas:

When hosting a party on Valentine’s Day, you want to pay attention to the food you serve. What about food known for its aphrodisiac properties, such as oysters and champagne? You may want to food that is red or pink and of course you must have red wine. Even designing the dishes in the shape of hearts will be a hit and for dessert you can serve heart-shaped cookies or cake that has heart designs in the icing. Red colored punch, whether or not it contains any alcoholic beverages, is always a hit.

Once you know what your decorations, food, and drink will be, you want a way of inviting people to this fantastic party. Instead of spending hours contacting each one by phone or handwriting the invitations, you can accomplish this task quite quickly online be sending Valentine e-card invitations. All of the online sites featuring e-cards for all occasions also have electronic invitations that are free to upload and use.

You can choose to send the image set for the invitations or upload your own image to personalize the Valentine e-card invitation. You simply enter the information about the time and date of the party and your address, of course, and you can even include a map for guests to use in finding your house or the location of the party. Write a personalized message giving any additional details guests may need to know and list the email addresses of the invitees. That’s all there is to it. You can also ask the guests to respond to your email address telling you whether or not they plan to attend.