Puppy Party Ideas

Puppy party ideas can be a great and fun idea for kids who like dogs or puppies. Some considerations for this kind of party include the invitation, themes, as well as the games for the party. Some examples of themes are Clifford, Pluto, 101 Dalmatians, and also Snoopy.

A puppy themed birthday party is a perfect way to get everyone excited and is great for girls and boys. A very good friend of mine had this party for her daughter two years ago and it was such a huge success! My daughters still love to play with their puppies!

Invitations for this party are so fun! You can find some cute little paws that open up and put all the details on the inside. Hire a friend or a grandpa to dress in scrubs to be the onsite veterinarian and he can be available for all your puppy check- ups. Make some little adoption certificates ahead of time for the vet to fill out. If you buy in bulk, you should be able to find a great deal on several little stuffed puppies, all different colors and then if you can, try to also get some little puppy carriers. Maybe baskets, cute plastic tubs, whatever your budget will allow.

There are a lot of puppy-related themes which can be used. An example will be the Clifford theme. Go red in a big way when planning a Clifford-themed party. Make your decorations, party favors and even the invitations oversized to celebrate both your occasion and Clifford. A Clifford cake will be a hit with all those attending the party. Include games such as “What Would Clifford Do” and “Pin the Tail on Clifford.” Disney babies even include the ever-faithful friend of Mickey Mouse, Pluto. Many party items such as plates, decorations and party favors are available at both Disney stores and the online store. Remember to include Pluto’s friends in the party. It wouldn’t be the same without Mickey, Minnie, Donald and the rest of the gang.

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