Princess Party Decoration Ideas

There are varieties of princess party decoration ideas and it all depends on your creativity in making it attractive and realistic. Some of the decoration aspects to consider include the party table decoration, the invitation decoration, cake decoration, as well as the party room decoration.

A princess party conveys the height of femininity for little girls. Throwing a successful princess party will rely to a great degree on the decorations. The decorations will set the mood of the party and should convey the utmost touch of girlishness.

The first thing you should be doing is perhaps the invitations for the party. Ideas for decorations include drawing, tracing, cutting pictures of magazines, bits of shiny material and fine netting for princess hat and or dress, metallic paper and flat-backed acrylic jewels for crowns and scepters, gold paint or painting pens, pink markers, glitter, stars, yarn or golden metallic string for hair, etc.

Every table should be covered with a linen or table cloth, ideally pink, lavender or white. Each seat should have a decorative plate, silverware wrapped in a cloth napkin and a tiara in the center of the plate to be worn by the guest. The plates do not need to be china or porcelain if the guests are young; a floral or glittery plastic plate will work as well. If desired, china or porcelain plates can be purchased inexpensively at a local thrift or vintage store. Sprinkle some glitter on the table, away from the plates and silverware, for an extra magical touch. Place at least one teapot at each table. Each guest should have a dainty cup and saucer at her seat. These can also be found inexpensively at a vintage or thrift store for a porcelain set, or a toy store for a plastic set. The teapot and cups should be pretty and decorative with flowers, glitter or lots of pink. In addition to the finger foods that are appropriate for a princess party, such as cookies, cupcakes, sweet breads and finger sandwiches, a cake is a useful tool for continuing to incorporate the princess theme. Cut a sheet cake in the shape of a castle and decorate with colored frosting.

Bouquets or stems of flowers should sit as a centerpiece at every table. Use roses, as these are a regal and classic image of royalty and princesses. Attach a note to each bunch of flowers that reads something like, “To the princesses of the table, with love from Prince Charming.” In lieu of small arrangements at the tables, lay one rose on the plate of each guest. Include one large bouquet arrangement in a focal point of the room.