Party Menu Ideas

Party menu ideas are important to any party and it should be considered thoroughly. Some party menu ideas are discussed below such as the party menu for dinner party and also the Christmas party.

Party menu is an important part for any types of parties. This is because party will no longer be considered as party anymore without the food and drinks. Selecting the appropriate party menu will mostly depend on the types of the parties such dinner party, Christmas party, buffet party, and so on. But some party menu is rather generic and can be used in almost any party.

When we are considering of organizing a dinner party, there are many different serving style to choose from. The choice comes down to family style or buffet style. Often the decision depends on the situation. If you are lucky enough to have a large dining room, then by all means, serve your dinner family style. However for most people, eating buffet style will be the best option. Set out all of the food, have people go through and serve themselves then eat wherever seating is available. Remember that with a buffet many people go back for second helpings so it is best to make a little more than your calculations tell you that you need.

In addition to calculating the amount of food that you will need you will also want to calculate the amount of drinks. A 750 ml bottle of wine provides six 4-oz. servings and a 750 ml bottle of spirits contains about 16 1.5-oz. shots. At a dinner party you can expect guests to consume about one drink per hour, although it is likely that not all of those will contain alcohol. A 1-liter bottle of soda contains four 8-oz. servings, and one gallon of coffee makes about 20 cups.

Another example is the Christmas party. Christmas party menus vary depending on the level of formality desired and the number of people attending the party. For a small intimate group of family or friends, choose a formal meal. For a laid-back gathering of coworkers or friends, consider planning a dessert-only or appetizer-only menu. For party menus, an important part of the party involves the presentation of the food. Choose food items that look and smell appealing and present them on ornate serving dishes.

A formal Christmas meal may feature a meat such as turkey, ham or both. Other traditional dishes include bread or cornbread stuffing, mashed or scalloped potatoes, candied yams, green beans and buttered dinner rolls. Add at least one or two desserts such as a red velvet cake and pecan pie along with wine or eggnog to drink. Be sure to include an entrée for any vegetarians or vegans in attendance.

For an informal gathering, server finger foods and appetizers. Include food items such as assorted cheeses, cheese straws, cheese balls and crackers, bread sticks, olives, nuts, pigs in blankets, mini bread puddings, chicken salad sandwiches, trail mix, deviled eggs, vegetables with dip, layered Mexican dips with tortilla chips and quiches with red and green bell peppers for a festive look. Add in a few desserts such as fudge squares or cookies. When serving appetizers only, choose a variety of items and showcase each on a decorative serving tray.

The desserts-only menu option allows hosts and hostesses to create sugary, sweet treats for their guests. Options may include a coconut cake, gingerbread, peppermint bark, fruit cake, candy cane meringue cookies and sugar cookies. Serve drinks such as apple cider, eggnog and spiced tea. When hosting a dessert party, you may want to invite guests to bring a favorite Christmas dessert to share, along with the recipe.

As we can see, there are many different types of party menu ideas and you can make use of your own creativity to create one menu idea as well. Choosing the right party menu idea is as important as choosing the right decorations for your party.