Party Favor Ideas For Kids

There are many different kinds of party favor ideas for kids. You can make use of the party theme for the party favors. Candy is one of the most welcoming party favors for kids for any types of party. Toys are another great favors which are easily available in local store.

Party favors are a good way to thank guests for attending a child’s birthday party. There are countless ways to approach party favors, but they don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Some of the best ideas are simple and affordable and sure to please a crowd of birthday guests.

It is a good idea to keep the theme of the party in your mind before you fetch party favors from the store. Themed parties make it easier for you to select the party favors. For instance, if you are holding a party with a Hannah Montana theme, it will be a great idea to give out party favors which features the artist. For a party with such a theme, you can present a lot of stuff, such as a Disney Hannah Montana memo pad, beach ball, puzzles, glamour guitar lollipops, etc.

Party favors are the excitement enhancers for all children. This is the reason why they must be attractive for the children. Kids will like anything that is glossy or colorful. Thus, make sure that goodie bags you select are colorful and shiny enough to grab their attention. Next, it is about the modifiers you put in. So far, the most successful favor ideas for goodie bag adders are candies, cookies, color pens, trinkets, confetti, yoyos, Frisbees, hair accessories (for girls), and small balls (for boys).

When you are choosing party favors, make sure that they are souvenirs for the fun time they had. It is a good idea to use your digital camera to take pictures and create printouts of the photos then and there. You can place these photos in photo frames and distribute these as party souvenirs. This way you can give the children a bunch of everlasting memories.

Candy has long been associated with children’s birthdays. While some parents may frown upon the idea of handing bags of sugary sweets to their child’s birthday guests, others like the simplicity of using candy as a party favor and view it as a special treat. Tie the candy into the theme of the party if possible.

For example, get gummy bears for a teddy bear-making party or silver and gold chocolate “coins” for a pirate party. As an alternative to favor bags filled with candy, fill a piñata with candy and integrate the activity into the party schedule. Give empty favor bags to the guests and let them collect the candy in their bags once the piñata is broken.

Small toys, trinkets and activities related to the party theme make for some of the best children’s party favor ideas because they provide entertainment for the guests. For instance, give out plastic tiaras, princess stickers, pencils or small coloring books tied to the theme of a princess party. Distribute the items in individual party-favor bags to make it easier for everyone to keep up with their favors. Hand the bags out as the children are leaving so the favors aren’t strewn across your home or forgotten by the guests.

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