Sponge Bob Party Ideas

Kids love to celebrate their birthdays since they can get to open presents and indulge in a lot of games and activities. Birthday themes based on cartoon characters are a great option for parents to celebrate the special day of their little kids. Children of all ages love SpongeBob Square Pants. Parties planned around a SpongeBob theme are always a hit.

A SpongeBob Square pants party will not cost too much either and really provides value for money where you need it most. From personalized invitations through to the party favors, you can order in everything you need for a great party for your child and his/her friends. This is a terrific solution to make your child’s next birthday party an absolute winner. Just imagine a crowd of children having the time of their life and the satisfaction you will have, from having effortlessly provided it. There is no end to the choices you have available to create a themed party.

Invitations for this kind of party are not difficult to set up. Starfish shaped invitations can also be created from tan cardstocks. One side of the starfish invitations can contain the party details, whereas the other side can consist of a photo of your child and can be decorated with tan glitters. You can even draw a pair of eyes and a mouth to the starfish invitations giving them a friendlier look for the benefit of the kids.

Photo invitations are an ideal tool that can be designed and created according to your own convenience. In order to create unique SpongeBob Square pants birthday party invitations, you can cut out glossy yellow stock into 2 pieces and fold each of them in half. Click a cute photo of your child in a SpongeBob costume and trim the edges so that it fits into the invitations.

Since SpongeBob lives under the sea, you are going to need to decorate your home so it looks like it is under the sea as well. This can be done in a variety of ways, including using streamers as seaweed, but the most important thing is to just use your imagination. Paint some small boxes so they look like rocks. Put some cutout fish on the wall. If you have foam, cut it to look like a variety of seafloor items like shells and more. You don’t have to paint your walls blue, but putting up some blue material on the ceiling will make it look like waves are above the kids.

Food is often the central element to most parties. If you have a certain menu planned, it’s easy to incorporate small elements of the Sponge Bob character into your food. Many cake shops and even major grocery stores have Sponge Bob-themed cakes for purchase or you can ask them to create one for you. Grocery stores and online shops also sell Sponge Bob fruit snacks, candies, and lollipops.

Sponge Bob-themed birthday activities can make a child’s birthday party a memorable experience. Sponge Bob piñatas are available at several party stores and online. Play the classic birthday game “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” with a Sponge Bob-themed version. If you can’t find a version at a local store, make your own. Put a Sponge Bob poster on the wall, and cut out several pictures of the character’s nose, and place a loop of masking tape on the back of each nose. Blindfold the children and spin them around; then ask them to take the nose and put it as close to the nose on the poster as possible.

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