Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds

There are many different party ideas for 13 year olds. You can come up with themes party either for girls or boys which can indicate the milestone in their lives.

As anyone who’s seen the movie “Thirteen” can attest, becoming a teenager is a critical moment in a young person’s life. It marks the transition from child to adolescent, and the whimsical themes of birthday parties past simply won’t do. Even if the birthday boy or girl is still a child at heart, the embarrassment factor comes in, and appearing “cool” is everything.

Hosting a home party for your 13-year-old can be frustrating. You can’t follow the same guidelines you’ve been using for years; as the Birthday Party Games Lady website says, “Piñatas and a pizza just do not cut it anymore.” And yet the birthday boy and his guests aren’t quite adults, either, so a formal dinner party would be met with lots of eye-rolling. So why not simple cake-and-gifts ceremonies have shortly after guests arrive and then recruit a couple of fellow parents as chaperones and drivers for a birthday party field trip? If you have a theme park nearby, many offer significant group discounts. If not, then how about the local bowling alley, game arcade or go-kart track? If it’s a summer birthday, organize a beach party or a kayak flotilla on the lake or bay; in the winter, simply treat everyone to a movie.

Turning 13 is a real milestone birthday, marking the transition from childhood to the beginnings of adulthood. Make the birthday boy feel grown-up by hosting a coed dance at a local hotel. Rent a portion of a ballroom–how big and how grand depends on your budget–hire a deejay and you’re on your way. Make sure the deejay knows the age of the participants and plays appropriate music. And be sure you have at least a couple of fellow parent chaperons on hand. You don’t want to be overly intrusive, but you do want to keep an eye on things.

Coming up with a home party theme might be a little more trying than it used to be, but use your imagination and you’d be surprised at what you might come up with. Focus on making the kids feel “grown up,” and play into their interests. By the time they turn 13; most kids love a good mystery, so consider throwing a murder mystery party. Send out invitations, informing each guest of his or her “character,” and then when the guests have all arrived, start the fun. Be sure to study up on the rules beforehand.

If you have a pool, consider a coed Hawaiian luau. Luau parties have been enjoyed by adults for years, and your 13-year-old and his guests will love it as well, particularly if you serve frothy tropical drinks (sans alcohol, of course). Thirteen-year-olds also love video games, and while many parents bemoan the hours their children spend in a dark room, blowing things up, staging a tournament can actually be quite fun for everyone involved, even the organizers. Pick something like Rock Band, Guitar Hero or Wii Fitness, and award a prize to the winner–maybe a copy of the game. You’d be surprised at how much fun this can be–and if you have the patience and don’t mind missing a night of sleep, top it off with a sleepover.

Besides that, many 12- and 13-year-old girls enjoy active parties that get them out into the world. The birthday girl and her friends might enjoy a day at an amusement park or a night at a sporting event. If they’re outdoorsy and ambitious, you could take them to a rock gym or another indoor adventure park. They might even enjoy a simple hike and a picnic in a nearby forest or park–and you could surprise the kids by bringing along a birthday cake and some sparkling apple cider.

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