Ladybug Party Ideas Part 1

Ladybug party ideas include several considerations like any other party such as the decorations, invitations, food and drinks, party supplies, and also the games and activities for the party. They are suitable for kids, especially little girls, who like ladybug.

The ladybug party theme is ideal for spring and summer party ideas. We see these cute little bugs every year and most people love them. How many insects can you say that about? When we see these little ladies dressed in their red and black uniforms we know spring has sprung and we look forward to more warm days. A ladybug theme party makes a good birthday party choice for infants, toddlers and elementary school children, especially little girls, who love the pretty polka-dotted bugs.

Make your own party invitations with some red, black and white construction paper and some goodly eyes. Cut out a round or oval shape with one of the colors, make small circle cut outs with the other color. Glue the spots on to the back of your invitation. Glue on the eyes on and make some thin cuts of black paper to be antenna and glue them in place. Write all the party info on the white paper and glue it on the underside of the invitation. You can also use ladybug stickers to decorate your paper.

For the party decorations, black and red is the obvious and attractive color scheme for this party theme, along with green for grass. You can also combine red and pink in the party decorations, for example by having a red tablecloth with pink napkins or using a combination of pink and red balloons or streamers.

Make food and drink a part of the decorations, especially if the party is being held for an older child, who will appreciate an attractive snacks table. Set out pitchers of red fruit punch, plates of watermelon slices and bowls of strawberries and jars of red and black or red and pink jelly beans and red and black licorice.

For the rest of the party supplies needed with the ladybug theme, get matching paper plates, cake plates, drinking cups and napkins. Do not forget the matching balloons and especially the piñatas; it will be the main décor of the party. If your budget will permit it, get a specially made ladybug cake. If not, you may opt for red cupcakes with black candy sprinkles instead.

You can make fun of this party theme by creating games and activities related to the theme. Scatter the children around the party area and play some music. An ideal song would be a children’s song about ladybugs. Have the children flutter around the room like ladybugs. When the music goes off, the “ladybugs” have to freeze and be completely still until the music comes back on. Any player caught moving while the music is off is out of the game. Award a prize to the last player standing.

Ladybug spot relay race can bring a lot of fun to the children. Divide the players into two teams and have them line up at a starting line. Place a cone about 15 feet away from the starting line. Give the first player in each team line two black construction paper dots. When you say, “Race,” the players must use the “ladybug dots” to walk around the cone and back. They must place one dot in front of the other to walk on only the dots. Players cannot touch the ground. Each player in line must do the same thing. The first team to finish the ladybug spot relay race wins the game. Another interesting game is the ladybug tic-tac-toe. Use rope to create a large tic-tac-toe board. If you do not have rope, use sidewalk chalk on concrete. Mark a standing line about 10 feet from the board (adjust the line closer for young children and farther away for older children). Have two players stand at the line. Give one player six red beanbags and the other player six black beanbags. For added decoration, paint red dots on the black beanbags and black dots on the red beanbags. Have the players toss the beanbags onto the board. The first player to get a tic-tac-toe wins the game.

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