Masquerade Party Ideas

Masquerade party ideas are very popular around the world and organizing this type of party requires some planning and considerations like decorations, themes, food and drinks for the party, costumes, invitations, tableware, party favors and also the activities for the party.

The Masquerade party has been going on for centuries! They originated in Venice as a way for the upper classes to indulge in immoral practices without fear of being found out. They managed to do this by wearing masks and concealing their identities.

However in recent times the masquerade party has declined in Venice but has more recently re-immerged and is now popular all throughout the world. In Venice there are many shops that specialize in Masquerade masks, which are often hand crafted in the store.

The basic element of this kind of party is the mask. Also known as masquerade ball masks, these disguises cover part or all of the face with the intention of hiding the identity of the wearer. There are a variety of types of these masks including half face masks and full face Venetian style masks. They can be very basic with just a single base color and surrounding only the part of the face around the eyes. However, they can also be extreme with multiple colors, strange shapes, and a variety of add-ons for flair (like huge feathers!). If you want your party to be a little more formal, you can lean more toward a masquerade ball. It has the same basic rules, but usually includes more specific rules for the mask and may include other attire rules, like suits and ties for men and dresses only for women. These are usually a little lower key because of the formality, so if you’re looking for a crazier idea you should go with the standard masquerade party rules.

To setup your party correctly, you really just need to plan a party like you normally would be give the guests a little more direction. If you don’t explicitly direct them, they will show up without a mask and ruin the mood of the party. With your invitation, whether verbal or written, tell them that a mask (and perhaps a matching costume) is required for entry into the party. If you have an additional theme or color scheme in mind, make sure to mention that as well.

After that we have to concentrate on fitting decoration on the theme. Be delicate with our decorations and their placement. A few attractive, well-placed decorations go a long way to locale the theme. The costumes are the genuine idol of the event, decorations just improve the mood. Budget will also play a big role in the decision-making process. Mainly for the decorations of Masquerade Ball we have to consider the colors, the shape, textures, lighting and costumes as well to sure our invitations to them.

Having a party is fun, but without the food, your party will go downhill. Try putting in a variety of food like pizza or pasta, as you can be sure that all of your guests will enjoy those things. Try to mix everything up and to incorporate different types of food and drinks, so that your party caters even to the pickiest eaters. How annoying is it to invite somebody and find out that he or she doesn’t even like any of the food at your party? So create a variety of food at your party and it will be a success.

If you’ll have a large crowd, you may want to assign guests to seats by using personalized seating cards. Decorate the table with masquerade party supplies and purple, green and gold fabrics and add gold paper supplies and gilded china to make the table sparkle. Add enchanting Mardi Gras beads, coin necklaces and lots of confetti to brighten up your table! One centerpiece suggestion is to make a large bouquet of feather-decorated masks and add some Mardi Gras balloon clusters and other masquerade party decorations.

Offer each guest a small party favors as a thank-you note for coming. Some ideas include colorful Mardi Gras beads, decorated masks, party photos and other masquerade party supplies! This will surely be a fun and interesting party for them.

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