Oktoberfest Party Ideas Part 2

For costumes, the guys are expected to wear lederhosen leather shorts. They are truly horrible but very funny. Get some braces to hold them up! Also you’ll need some knee height white socks and a hat with a feather in! As for the ladies, you get to wear traditional Alpine peasant girl costume. This includes a lacy blouse and a tight bodice.
No party is fun without games. For an Oktoberfest party, you can organize game like the beer mug race. Beer Mug Race is a fun game in which players must race around the party area with a mug full of beer. The player who has the most beer at the end of the race is declared the winner. For young party guests give them a beer mug full of apple juice.

Beer cap toss is another game that you can plan out. Line a few beer steins in a row a foot apart from each other. The object of the game is to throw the beer caps into the beer steins. Award points for each beer cap made with beer steins further away from the throwing line being worth the most points.

Another example will be the Pretzel Throw. Make Pretzels of cut out pretzels shapes from several layers of cardboard. Once the shapes of cardboard are cut tape them together. With many layers of cardboard the pretzel will have enough weigh for throwing control. The object of the game is to throw the pretzels at a pole placed in the ground. Parties inside can place a dowel on the floor and throw the pretzels at the target. This game is played like a game of horseshoes with points awarded for closest to the target and the pretzel hole around the pole. All these games will certainly create a fun and exciting Oktoberfest party.

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