Murder Mystery Party Ideas

Murder mystery party ideas include considerations like supplies, decorations, food and drinks, guest invitations, party scripts, and also the games and activities for the party.

For anyone who enjoys playing the part of someone else or solving a good mystery, hosting a murder mystery dinner party is tons of fun and provides an evening of great entertainment. They can be held for any special occasion or holiday, or simply “just because”. A Murder Mystery party would involve an interactive, staged murder storyline in which the party guests find themselves in the middle of a mysterious murder, and sleuth their way toward solving the mystery.

There are many sites online that have stores selling the games and scripts. Don’t commit to buying a particular murder mystery dinner party kit until you find one that will really suit you and your guests. Some of them are geared towards all women and some are for children’s parties. All of the mysteries have a certain theme and it would be much more enjoyable for all of your guests if it is something that is easier to believe.

A bunch of teenagers probably won’t enjoy a roaring 20’s mystery theme. Once you have decided on what murder mystery dinner party game you are best suited and purchase it, it is time to invite everyone and assign them a character. Most of the game kits that you purchase have invitations included inside of them. This makes it easy for the guests to know what character they have been assigned and more about what to expect from a murder mystery dinner party. Many hosts ask their guests to try to dress the part as best as they can. Hopefully, your guests will be eager to do so and happy to participate.

The hardest part may be deciding on what food should be made and served at your murder mystery dinner party. Most of the games are catered to having a dinner party. However, there are many meals that can be made that are simple and hassle-free for the host. Consider your menu carefully and decide on what best suits your guests and the murder mystery party that you are having.

A Murder Mystery party can be planned by the party host, who uses their imagination for the murder scene, characters and clues. If unfamiliar with throwing this type of party or lacking in the creative genius it takes to put this type of party together, purchasing a pre-planned mystery is the best idea.

All the components for a good Murder Mystery party can be found in boxed form or online. The Murder Mystery plot is already developed, with props provided or outlined and clues prepared ready for their sealed envelopes. Online, party guidelines can be found to fit every type of guest list.

Each Murder Mystery party usually contains the following four stages:

1. Arrival of guests, dressed in character – Each guest arrives as the character assigned in their party invitations, and are given additional props and instructions pertaining to their character or the plot.

2. Introduction of the plot and character objectives – The host or an assigned character will introduce the murder plot once everyone has arrived. Guests are then given time to mingle, keeping their objectives in mind as they get to know each other. (Each guest plays their role as well as sleuth during this time.) This can be done during dinner or party appetizers.

3. The murder and investigation – Once the host is certain all objectives have been met, he will arrange for the lights to go out and when they come back on someone will be discovered dead! Evidential information will be provided and solution forms handed to party guests for their murder accusation.

4. Solving the crime and determining top sleuths – When everyone has had time to review all the clues and complete their crime solution forms, the mystery will be solved and winners presented with their sleuth certificates! Sleuth certificates can include best actor, best costume, or, if play money is involved, wealthiest sleuth.

You can organize games that are related to party theme as well. Once at the party, the host will give each player a script for the evening. It will clearly outline what information to reveal and what to conceal from the other characters. The host also plays the game, but has the added responsibility of providing food, starting and stopping rounds of the game if necessary and making sure that everyone knows what to do before moving on to the next round.

Depending on the particular game, murder mystery party games may be played with a small group of people or with hundreds of people. There are types designed specifically for certain groups such as teens or corporate executives. When planning the murder mystery party game, the host should assign any guest that is unsure whether he or she will be attending the role of non-suspect. All of the guests playing the suspects will be required to attend for the party to work.

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