Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

Kentucky derby party ideas include several considerations – invitations, costumes, decorations of the party, party activities, and also the food for the party. It is a unique party idea based on the USA’s oldest Thoroughbred horse races.

Tickets for the Kentucky Derby sell out quickly and can be too expensive for many Americans. But you don’t have to miss out on the action just because you can’t be there. Host a viewing party in your home to celebrate the occasion or use the Kentucky Derby theme to honor the birthday of the horse enthusiast in your life. You can even host a Kentucky Derby theme birthday party as well since there is no a restriction or limits as long as you are creative enough with the ideas.

The Kentucky Derby is one of the USA’s oldest Thoroughbred horse races however there are tons of races that occur throughout the year. I have provided a listing of the North American tracks below. In addition to the race itself, a number of traditions play a large role in the Derby atmosphere. The Mint Julep, an iced drink consisting of bourbon, mint and sugar syrup is the traditional beverage of the race. The historic drink can be served in an ice-frosted silver julep cup but most Churchill Downs patrons sip theirs from a souvenir glass printed with all previous Derby winners. Also, burgoo, a thick stew of beef, chicken, pork and vegetables, is a popular Kentucky dish served at the Derby. Women appear in fine outfits lavishly accessorized with large, elaborate hats. A lot of well-known celebrities attend and more of the well-established parties. It mostly attracts the rich, the famous and the well-connected. All these elements can help you with throwing your party.

Invitations with a Kentucky Derby theme can be found on Web sites for vendors such as Invitation Consultants. Free printable invitations are available on sites like, or you can opt for electronic invitations in 21 different designs on the official Kentucky Derby Web site under the “Derby party” link. You can also design a faux ticket for the Kentucky Derby on your computer.

As for the costumes, think classy and elegant when it comes to dressing for the Kentucky Derby party. Wear linens; flower-print dresses; suits; big, embellished, Southern-style hats; brightly colored scarfs; and pearls. You can also dress as a jockey — or even get a horse costume. Give the party space some Kentucky flavor with decorations such as horse and jockey centerpieces, flowers, white linen tablecloths, Derby wreaths, horseshoe cutouts, Derby logo balloons and yard signs. The Kentucky Derby site offers a party-decor store with official Derby decorations.

Furthermore, honor the occasion with a viewing party at your home, and raise the stakes with wagers, which can be placed on the Derby Web site. Dance to the official Derby playlist, which is available on the horse race’s Web site. There’s also a DVD of the greatest moments in Derby history to watch and reminisce with.

The menu is the most creative part of the Kentucky Derby party planning. In order to ease the last minute workload, plan ahead and choose Kentucky food that can be frozen or refrigerated a day or more ahead. Buffet serving seems most popular during the week of the Kentucky Derby, as it is an easy way to entertain the maximum number of friends with a minimum of space and help. There is the traditional buffet supper where guests serve themselves and dine throughout the home, and the ‘seated’ buffet supper, at which guests serve themselves and eat at set tables. You can also add some Southern staples to the Derby party’s menu. Choose dishes such as barbecue chicken, potato salad, grilled asparagus, grits, and deviled eggs, oysters, pulled pork, Kentucky ham and green beans. These will certainly make the party more delighting and pleasurable

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