Pajama Party Ideas

Pajama party ideas include several considerations such as the party theme, invitations, decorations, party games and activities, and the food for the party.

If you love your pajamas and you like hanging out with friends in their robes and slippers, you might want to know how to plan a pajama party. Pajama parties are also known as sleepovers and slumber parties. There are countless suggestions for pajama parties for kids. Almost every popular kid’s character out there has pajama party information on the Internet. For instance, Hannah Montana is a popular candidate for sleepovers, because of the preteen and teen age bracket.

Choosing to host a theme based pajama party could be great fun. You could make a choice from quite a lot of party themes from a Hawaiian luau to a fame movies theme, the Hannah Montana theme, or the ever popular teddy bear theme. In accordance with your selected theme, you’re able to alter the decorations, the activities or even your pajama party recipes. Play the music to compliment the theme, and feature your guests dressed for the theme to boot.

You can make the invitations yourself by cutting a rectangle shape out of fabric to represent a sleeping bag. Cut another smaller square and glue it to the top of the sleeping bag for a “pillow.” Glue the fabric onto card stock and cut out the shape. Alternatively, cut pajama shapes out of the fabric instead of sleeping bags. Use fabric markers to write the party details. Request that guests bring their pajamas and sleeping bags or their favorite blankets and pillows.

For the decoration, clear the party space so that there are sufficient room for the guests’ sleeping bags or blankets. Place additional blankets, pillows and thick comforters around the area. Themed pajama-party decorations, such as balloons, tableware, banners and streamers, are available online. Decorate the party table as a bed. Drape a blanket over a long table and set a sheet cake on the other end for a “pillow.” You can set up snacks and beverages on the “bed.”

There are a bunch of slumber party games and activities, that may be planned out to enable everyone to have a good time during your pajama party. You could include games popular games like bingo or scavenger hunt, to your overnight party. There also are a number of activities like jewelry making and autographing, or decorating pillow cases, etc. In case you are not up for all this ‘active’ stuff, then just rent a very good scary movie and revel in the thrills. It’s also possible to play a film trivia game after it. an excellent idea for a ‘all girls slumber party’ is organizing a makeover night. So all of the girls can gather their cosmetics and hairbrushes and provides the complete girls the much needed makeover session. After the transformations are complete, have a way show and ensure to get a large number of pictures, of the coolest times together. And while having your entire fun, recall the pillow fights, the nice old ghost stories and the juicy gossip sessions.

Go easy at the party food and feature everyone to take part, in making the pizza or salad and in baking and decorating the cookies or the cupcakes. Get a number of fun party snacks to munch on, like chips, pretzels, fruit and popcorn. Whether it is a sleepover, then you definitely can try some breakfast ideas, like pancakes baked in all funny shapes, or egg and Canadian bacon, and include some juice or smoothies besides.

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