Picnic Party Ideas

Picnic party ideas, like any other types of party, require a few considerations such as budget, decorations, place for the party, food and drinks, and also the games and activities for the party.

Holiday picnics are fun. They are customary to a lot of people all over the world, and are most commonly held in places of traditional indoor parties for companies, organizations, families and among neighbors. Holiday picnic parties are exciting and offer surprising twists than most indoor parties. More than that, it also offers a wider option for your party games and amusements. These are simply some of the reasons why holiday picnic parties are a better alternative than the traditional ones. Furthermore, besides that, picnic-themed party can also be used for parties like birthday, wedding, and also casual type of party.

There are a couple of things to consider though if you want to make your holiday picnic party a success. First of all is your budget. You should consider the number of people who will be attending your party so you will know how much to spend. Obviously, a bigger party would require a bigger budget. You can try organizing a party for your kid’s class, your book club or your co-workers but all these depends on your budget. If you’re planning to have a “Secret Santa” gift exchange, make sure you have your guests RSVP so you’ll know exactly how much people will attend your party.

Where you sit your guests should also be considered. If you plan to hold it in your backyard, make sure you have enough portable outdoor seating. If you don’t, you can cordially ask your guest to bring their own picnic blankets. If you’re running really low on budget, ask your guests to potluck-that is, bring their own picnic basket with food for themselves and some extra for the other guests. For potluck parties, it would be advisable to have a theme like Italian or traditional Christmas so you’ll still have your food coordinated. If you want, you can also ask them to bring their own blanket that matches your theme.

If you are holding a picnic birthday party, perhaps the decoration is one of the things that you will want to consider. The best part of the picnic birthday party is the ease of decorating. Red and white checkered tablecloths and an outdoor area are the main requirements. Hay bales can double as serving tables when covered with patterned fabric or oil cloth. Inexpensive bandanas displayed or even used as a clothing item add to the festivities. Consider stringing the bandanas using cord or twine. Tie the twine between some ‘natural posts’ such as readily available trees. Pumpkins and scarecrows add to the decor if the time of the year for the celebration occurs in the fall season.

You also have different options if you want to provide all the food. You can serve a full meal complete with appetizers and drinks, or just a dessert party which can be really fun. As an example, considering the Christmas theme, gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies, cranberry muffins, nut brittle and peppermint bark are great appetizers that can be served for your holiday picnic party. They are delicious sweets that are sure to adore your guests. A gorgeous little Christmas tree made from gum drops and sugary green can be a perfect centerpiece. Drinks should be situated in different locations with hot cocoa, cider other warm drinks. If the party includes adults, you can also serve wine. Dinner rolls, mixed vegetables, glazed sweet potato slices are appetizing foods that can also be served.

For party like birthday picnic party, you can consider Barbecue begs. Hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled meats, Cole slaw, potato salad or potato chips, and baked beans play together to create the complete menu. Serve the delectable delights in red lined with red checkered napkins or paper. These are inexpensive easily stored and used repeatedly for different occasions. Kabobs with fresh fruits of the season delight everyone. Rounded tip skewers work well for younger children. Set up an ice cream cone station complete with all the fixings.

To capture the holiday ambience, you need to think about your decorations. They need not be expensive. Simple twinkling lights, red ribbons and a hint or two of poinsettia plants should do the trick. If budget is not an issue, you might want to scout Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart and other large discount chain stores for perfect holiday yard decorations.

And parties are not complete without games and activities. For outdoor holiday picnic parties, the games are endless. You can organize a tree-decorating party where your guests will bring their own ornament or provide the ornaments and have them freestyle the decorations themselves. This is fun for parties that include different families from your neighborhood. Each family can have their own tree to decorate. A living nativity scene can also be set up to get the kids involved. Use your child’s baby dolls, a couple of hay (or dry leaves if hay is not available) and some colored fabric and have your guests recreate the nativity themselves. If you have pets, let them join and serve as the animals in the nativity barn. Afterwards, you can go around your block and sing carols with your guests.

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