St Patrick’s Day Party Part 2

You can also prepare some Irish traditional food for the party. Beer and spirits are not the only great “foods” to come out of Ireland. Corned beef (corned beef is not a traditional Irish meal, that tradition started in NYC), cabbage and lamb stew are tasty ways to “keep it real.” Potatoes are about as Irish as you can get and are one of the staples of the Irish diet. Most green vegetables (green peppers, green olives, celery, cucumbers, avocados, broccoli, spinach, green onions) and fruits (green apples, kiwi, pears, green grapes) are excellent to use for fresh fruit and veggie trays along some dips (how about green onion?) for your St. Patrick’s Day party. Whip up some salsa Verde, hot spinach dip or guacamole to serve with the veggies or some chips and crackers. You can even find green tinted crackers which are made with spinach to serve. Simple recipes that you could use for green St. Patrick’s Day drinks are a green milk punch or other punches which use lemon lime soda and green ice cream or sorbets.

Besides that, perhaps you will want something different or just to spice it up and take it in a different direction while maintaining the traditional theme. You can put a twist on a St. Patrick’s Day party by going with black light. Black light fixtures or light bulbs are available at retail stores or online which simply plug into an electrical outlet. Give your guests a listing of tips on fluorescent-colored green clothing that glows in black light or T-shirts that are painted onto with green highlighters. Have leprechaun hats, fluorescent bracelets, necklaces and fluorescent face paint for the guests. Conduct a modeling competition where the guests dress up in a St. Patrick’s Day costume and makeup. Place green glow sticks liberally around the room; stick glow sticks into green balloons which are tied off and allowed to float about the floor. Have the party at night and shade all windows and cracks of light that may be visible when the lights are turned off in the party room. Place black lights around the party area so that the entire room is lit. A green strobe light enhances the effect dramatically.

Another way is, perhaps, creating an Irish pub party by renting a party room, meeting hall or hotel meeting room for the party. Decorate the party room like an Irish pub with a bar, serving green draft beer in green plastic cups and bottles of Guinness. Protect your liability by giving each guest two coupons good for one free drink each. The guests then must pay for their beverages. Have plenty of green snacks available — such as green candy, green chocolate pretzels and other green foods that fit the theme. Set the tables with green tablecloths, napkins and leprechaun hats. Liberally sprinkle around lots of gold-wrapped chocolate coins and green confetti. Decorate the room with green balloons, streamers and banners. Clip a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” button to every guest. Play a selection of Irish music throughout the party or hire an Irish tenor to maintain the mood. On the invitations ask for volunteers to participate in a limerick competition.

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