St Patrick’s Day Party Part 1

St. Patrick’s day party includes a few considerations like party decorations and ambience, and the food and drinks for the party. There are also other variants of this type of party which can be done with some creativity while maintaining the traditional theme.

St. Patrick’s Day was established as a way to recognize Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Originally a religious holiday, it is now practiced on March 17th by many people throughout the world with food, drink and all things green. Many people choose to have a St. Patrick’s Day party as a way to cap the celebration of the holiday. This usually occurs after people have been watching a parade or have attended mass. Planning a St. Patrick’s Day celebration can be a lot of fun, since these parties tend to focus on food, drink and music.

Holding a St Patrick’s Day party is not difficult but it does require some planning and preparations. Great decorations let your party guests know that they are in for a really fun time. Best of all you can easily find the materials you need for spectacular decorations, easily and affordable. Your family and friends will be highly impressed and never know that it all came together so easily. The best parties are the ones where the host or hostess can relax and be with their guests. This is done by having a plan. By making a plan and determining just how you want to decorate, long before the party rolls around, you will be able to get it all done. Then on party day all you will have to do is sit back and accept the compliments your party guests will be giving you about your spectacular decorations.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with green and orange. Make sure that your tablecloth and napkins, dishes, balloons, flowers or whatever you use reflect these colors. By having a theme no one will be unsure of why they are at your party. Lighting helps to set the mood of any party. You can hang some green Christmas lights around for a room softening effect, use green candles or even change out your regular light bulbs for green ones. You can purchase the green light bulbs at most party or discount stores. Lighting can help set the ambience you want for your St. Patrick’s Day party. Moreover, Irish music can add a lot to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Play traditional Irish music or have a tape set to play traditional Irish dancing. It can add a lot to the spirit of your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.