Tiki Party Ideas

Tiki party ideas can be creative and it includes many considerations for the party such as the decorations, food and drinks, party place and also the games and activities for the party.

During the summertime, it seems parties are not all that uncommon. But why throw an unoriginal, bland party that nobody will remember years later? A pool party isn’t that entire novel or exciting is it? Instead, be a little more creative and bold this year and throw a tiki party, or “luau.” Even if it’s wintertime, you should be all the more motivated to throw a tiki party! That way, you can bring the sunny, exotic feel of Hawaii right to your home, whether your home’s in Houston or New York City. A tiki party doesn’t seem too unique at a first glance – the image of grass skirts and the sound of a ukulele might greet your senses if you think of one. Tiki parties offer outdoor fun and a festive atmosphere. Guests typically enjoy tiki parties because they feel as though they are entering a relaxing getaway complete with grass skirts and tiki torches.

Decorations are important for tiki party. It seems not complete without tiki torches. Scatter a few torches around your yard or venue and you will instantly evoke an island feel. To add more island fun, greet your guests at the door with leis. Hang fishnets from ceilings and doorways and ask that your guest come dressed in island attire, suggests the Paradise Found Online website. Fill an inflatable child’s pool with ice and drinks. Purchase small tiki statues and island cups and plates at your local party store. To top it off, line your tables with grass skirts. Place fish, bird and palm tree balloons around your venue, along with tropical fruit, such as pineapples, used as decoration. Sprinkle some sand on the tables and bar and use clear, glass bowls that feature goldfish as the centerpieces.

You can’t have a tiki party without a few fruity frozen drinks available. Fire up the blender and offer your guests pina coladas, mai tais, strawberry daquaris, hurricanes and other fun cocktails. Arrange an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with foods that are reminiscent of the island, such as shish kabobs or coconut chicken skewers. Grilled coconut shrimp, deviled eggs and crab canapes also make for delicious tiki party fare, suggests the Theme Parties ‘N’ More website. If you want to include your guests in the menu decision, ask that they each bring an island-inspired entree to the party.

The tiki Bar itself is a central focus for your food and beverages. The bar should be brightly adorned with tropical flowers. Hibiscus works very well. The beverages you served should be made with fresh tropical fruits. Planters punch or Mai Tai’s work very well because they have non-alcoholic versions as well. They should be served in an elegant punch bowl, preferably plastic, and a nice touch is to put a floating tropical flower on the surface of the punch bowl. For non-fruit lovers, have plenty of ice cold beer and soft drinks.

In order to get everyone in the tiki mood, be sure to include a few games in the party. Perhaps the most well-known tropical party game is the limbo. You can award island-inspired prizes to the guests who can go the lowest. Hire a hula expert to give hula-dancing lessons, or have a hula hoop contest. You could also have a singing or dancing contest that features tropical music. Hang island-themed piñatas around your venue and fill them with tropical prizes, such as dried coconut or pineapple. Use your imagination and have fun when deciding which games and activities to feature at your tiki party.

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