Party Snack Ideas

Party snack ideas are important to any party and it consists of many different options such as finger foods and other packaged snacks. It can be healthy as well by making your own snacks with fruits and other materials.

When it comes to any party, food and snacks are important. That is why you may be trying to decide which food and snacks, you should have at your next party. As you will likely see, you have an unlimited number of different options. When we talk about snacks, we will normally think of it as an unhealthy food. But snacks can be healthy too when you actually take the time and think about it.

Children require healthy foods in their growing ages. Their growing bodies and minds need the right kind of nutrition. Unfortunately, this is also the age when children get swayed by commercials and may start to enjoy junk foods more than they should. To make sure that your child continues to eat healthy and does not get obese at such a tender age, you should introduce him/her to healthy kid’s snacks. Children love finger foods, and the best way to keep them healthy is to give them snacks which are nutritious. This not only keeps their hunger under control, but also improves their immunity and teaches them to eat healthy from a very young age.

As an example, a grill will be your best cooking tool for your party. For a large, filling snack, make pork and pineapple kabobs. You can use pork loin cut into one inch cubes and topped with salt and pepper, or use pre-cooked ham cut into one inch cubes. Cut up a fresh pineapple into pieces about the same size as the pork. Include some fresh red bell peppers to add color and cut them into one inch pieces. Grab a kabob skewer and slide on a piece pineapple, a piece of pork or ham and then a piece of red pepper. Repeat this until the kabob is full. Grill until the pork loin is cooked through. If you are using ham simply cook until everything is heated through. Serve the kabobs to your guests on the skewers or slide the pieces off onto individual plates.

Create a pineapple and bacon snack by cutting up one-inch cubes of fresh pineapple. Wrap each piece with a thin slice of bacon. Cook the bacon-wrapped pineapple pieces in a grill pan on the outdoor grill or bake them on a baking sheet in your oven at 350 degrees until the bacon reaches desired crispiness. Turn once while grilling or baking for even cooking. Arrange on a platter with toothpicks to serve.

If you’d rather not do a lot of cooking, baking or grilling stop by the local deli and pick up some ham salad, sliced pineapple and your favorite loaf bread. Make large sandwiches with two pieces of bread and ham salad topped with a slice of well-drained pineapple. Cut the sandwiches into smaller, bite-size finger sandwiches and serve on a platter for snacking.

Besides that, fruit salad is always a winner at any party. Chop up fresh pineapple, papaya, bananas and kiwi and serve the salad in a decorative bowl. Top it with a sprinkle of shredded coconut or chopped fresh mint for a different twist. For another fruit option, cut a fresh pineapple into large, long slices. Place them on the grill and cook until the pineapple until it is heated through and the sugars begin to caramelize. Pull the pineapple slices off the grill, sprinkle them with cinnamon and chop them into pieces to eat with toothpicks while it’s still warm.

Macadamia nuts made a great snack by themselves, but they can also be put into baked goods to give your sweets a Hawaiian touch. Make chocolate chip cookies and add in a half cup of chopped macadamia nuts before baking. Prepare some brownies with coconut and chopped macadamia nut, and then cut them into small bite-sized snack pieces.

The best healthy kids snack recipes are those which are closest to their natural state. Given their way, children would love to grow up on a diet of bread, biscuits and junk food which are all addictive. So let’s make junk healthy.

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