Toddler Party Ideas

Toddler party ideas can have various themes. It also includes considerations like decorations, food, as well as party activities.

Got your toddler’s birthday coming up soon? With the big day looming ahead, there are possibly a hundred things to get done. You will want it to be an enjoyable day, both for your little one as well as the other little children who are expected to attend. The key to making a toddler party a roaring success is to keep things simple.

When it comes to toddler birthday party ideas for kids, as far as themes are concerned, you can go in for the ones which are easy to plan at the same time fun for the kids. Some of the popular themes for kids’ birthday parties are “mickey mouse”, “animal farm”, “jungle”, “alphabets”, “princess and fairies”, “glamor girl” and “rainbow colors”. Whatever theme you decide on, plan the party decorations, invitations and food keeping it in mind. For example, if you choose the animal farm theme, paste cut outs of animals on the walls. If it’s the rainbow theme, make the decor as colorful as possible. An interesting thing to do would be to include the theme in the entire party ware such as cups, plates, tablecloths, etc. Some of the items that you can use to decorate the venue are balloons, party hats, confetti, centerpieces, streamers, party blowers and banners.

For a toddler’s birthday party, parents are often confused as to whom to invite. A good idea in this regard would be to invite a few of his friends from the day care or the play group he attends. If possible, make sure that the parents accompany the children too as it will be easier for you to handle them when their parents are present. However, if you somehow feel that you are not so close to any of the parents, you can instead just invite your family members to the party. At such a young age, your baby will be excited at the prospect of cutting the cake, and elders giving him so much attention. It won’t matter to him who is invited and who is not.

Speaking of toddler birthday party ideas at home for food, you will need to create two kinds of menu, one for the children and another for adults. For the children, you can keep things like cheese sandwiches, peanut butter sandwiches, cupcakes, hotdogs, hamburgers and pizzas. For adults, you can go in for a cut fruit platter, raw vegetables with dips and crackers. When laying out the party food, make sure that the kids are served food on low tables. Lastly, we come to the most important thing i.e. birthday cake. Be as creative as possible, go in for a cat shaped cake or a caterpillar shaped or a tree shaped. Keep it as off-beat as possible and your kid is simply going to love it!

The golden rule for successful parties for lots of young children is having plenty of fun games and activities to keep them occupied. Keep in mind that toddlers do not fully understand rules, have little capacity to wait their turn, have short attention spans and constantly want to move around! Despite this, here’s some fantastic party activities that are not competitive – no winners, no losers!