Twilight Party Ideas

Twilight party ideas will have decorations, food, and activities based on the Twilight movies and books.

Twilight theme party ideas have been hot ever since Stephenie Meyer published her book series, Twilight Saga. Most tweens and teens have gone gaga over vampire romance and some of us adults too. It’s understandable, really. After all, who wouldn’t fall in love with a drop-dead gorgeous vampire like Edward Cullen? With the enormous popularity of this vampire/human romance saga more and more teenagers want to create Twilight-theme parties for birthdays, Halloween or just any “I-feel-like-wanting-to-throw-a-party” occasion.

Life size stand ups of Bella and Edward can be purchased online if you’d like to have these two love birds at your party. Imagine the look on everyone’s face as they walk into your party and see Edward and Bella! What a great start to your party decorating! These life size cut outs also come with James, Laurent and Victoria…the nomadic vampires, who cause all the trouble in Twilight. Can’t afford the cut outs? Or don’t want to spend that much money on party decorations? Find pictures of Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper and the rest of the Twilight Cast in magazines. Cut out the pages and put the pictures into photo frames. Scatter them around your party room as though they are the people who live there.

Since the Cullen Family are vegetarians…which means, in vampire talk, that they only drink the blood of animals, your party’s decor doesn’t have to be the same old bloody, scary Count Dracula Vampire Halloween style decor that we are used to. The Cullen’s are a refined family with style, grace and taste.
The nature of party favors have changed over the years with advances in tech. for your twilight theme, for instance, since it is a movie, the soundtrack which has been very popular would make for great teenager party favors. You don’t even need to buy expensive CD’s. You can buy them on iTunes for them through subscriptions. Even ringtones would be great as eclipse favors.

Posters are one constant as party favors, whatever the theme of a given birthday party. This has been true for many years now and it still continues to be one of youngsters’ favorite gifts. For the Twilight theme, you would want some large size posters featuring the actors in the film series and even some of the scenes from the movies which look especially look beautiful on posters.

A party will need to have fun games. A great game idea is to have a Twilight scavenger hunt. Pick items that refer to the series and hide them through the party location. They can be items from the book covers or things mention in the book. For example you can hide items that are similar to an apple, ribbon, tulip, or a chess piece. You can also go for interesting items like a model of a Porsche like the one Alice and Bella use to get to Volterra Italy. Use your knowledge of the series to come up with interesting scavenger hunt items. You can add to the excitement by giving a special prize to the person that completes the hunt.

Another great party game is to have Twilight memory game. Make sure to have a list of each of the characters in the Twilight series and whether they are human, vampire, and or werewolf. The object of the game is to have each person repeat the list starting with one character and adding a new one with each round. People who can’t repeat the order exactly will be disqualified. The person left standing wins. This is a great game mainly because it tests memory and concentration.

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