Spring Party Ideas

Spring gives us the perfect excuse to throw a party. Winter is behind us and the promise of good times lies ahead. We are ready to celebrate the beginning of a new season with family, friends and neighbors.

With the days getting longer and warmer, it is obvious our spirits are rising with the temperatures. For most of the country, daylight savings time is in effect and we can take advantage of the extra daylight and host a party or two!

Hosting a spring party can be very fun. You can prepare your table with your best dishes. Use fresh pastel linens, and of course, fresh flowers. This time of year, you will find tulips of all colors and placing them in a clear vase with clear marbles will create an elegant appearance.

Serve a light lunch of chicken salad on a croissant. Fresh fruit will be in season and your choices abundant. This time of year, we are all trying to get rid of those extra winter pounds. Let’s keep this in mind when preparing the menu; your guests will appreciate the thought. For dessert, serve light rainbow sherbet with a Confetti angel food cake. This will look lovely and the colors will shout “spring”.

In the early morning sunshine, set out a gallon of water with six tea bags. This will make a fresh pitcher of sun tea. Slice lemon and you have your beverage. If your friends enjoy a glass of wine, you may add to the festive mood and offer a glass of wine or make a pitcher of sangria.

Sitting with friends on a lovely spring day will be a wonderful afternoon. A nice touch is to place a packet of flower seeds by each plate so they have a reminder of the time you spent together.

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