Superhero Party Ideas

Every kid loves a Super Hero, and the hardest part is picking a favorite. It would be fantastic to have Superman, Batman and Spiderman all coming to your home for a fabulous party. The superhero birthday party idea is a great all around fun kid’s birthday party theme suitable for both boys and girls. Dressing up is not a problem, and finding superman capes or bat girl masks could not be easier. Kid’s birthday party games are simple to create and adjust a little to go just right with the superhero theme birthday party idea.

When planning for a superhero party, decorations, costumes, and food will need to be considered. You can concentrate on one theme, for example let’s say Superman. Use lots of red & blue balloons, streamers, table covers, tableware and curling ribbon. The other option is to go wild with multiple Superhero Colored decorations and posters everywhere. You can purchase Superhero Posters in your local Department Store, use pages from coloring books or download some clip art and enlarge. Hang Posters of the popular superhero words “POW”, “ZOOM”, “ZAP”, “KABLAM”, “BOOM” and “ZOWIE” around the party area. Superhero comic books are great for making posters and using the pages under a clear tablecloth for a table decoration.

As for the food, stick with your super hero color scheme. Incorporate it into the snacks and cupcakes that you can customize with various super hero emblems. Consider energy drinks such as Gatorade and foods such as a superhero sandwich. Cut two long loaves of sourdough or French bread lengthwise and fill it with cheese, meat, tomatoes, lettuce and other delicious ingredients. For dessert, serve cupcakes with small superhero figurines atop or bake a cake and decorate in yellow, red and blue or adorn with your child’s favorite superhero emblems. Superheroes cannot save the world without full tummies.

In terms of costumes, either have the guests show up dressed as their favorite superhero or provide some outfits for them to put on when they arrive. Capes and masks are easy and relatively inexpensive. For an activity, allow them to decorate their attire the way they wish. Use face paint to turn them into their favorite superhero.

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