White Party Ideas

White is the color of purity. It is clean and fresh and modern and traditional. It can be so many things depending on how you want to use it. An all-white wedding or party can be breathtaking. White softens and complements any other color. Popularized by rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs, all-white themed parties are elegant events that require guests to wear only crisp shades of white. The color white typically symbolizes purity and cleanliness. It can be used as the basis for an all-white soiree, which typically includes an array of white or off-white decorations, furniture, food and drinks. All-white parties can be held at any time of year and in a variety of venues.

In terms of the party’s decorations, white fabrics, such as tablecloths and drapes, make the all-white party venue both classy and whimsical. White pillar and floating candles and white paper bags with tea lights make for excellent mood lighting. White umbrellas, seashells and glass bottles and bowls can also be used for decoration at an all-white party. Flowers are very important; white roses, calla lilies, carnations and hydrangeas are ideal for all-white parties.

Furniture at your all-white party can include white outdoor patio furniture, such as wood or wicker chairs and tables. You can serve food and beverages on dark wood dining or coffee tables for a more sophisticated look. Foods served at an all-white party can include white foods, as well as other foods that are lighter in color. An assortment of white cheeses or white bean dip with pita chips can be served as appetizers. Main dishes can include chicken, pork, turkey and risotto. Side dishes might include white corn or cauliflower. Desserts for an all-white party may include coconut cake with white butter-cream frosting, angel food cake, white chocolate-covered strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

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