Tailgate Party Ideas

Tailgating ideas have grown into an art form! It is a social event in the United States which involves partying in and around the tailgate or back gate or back door of a vehicle such as a wagon or an SUV. It is marked by activities such as grilling food and consuming alcoholic beverages. The party takes place before or after events such as sports events or concerts, and are held at parking lots. Tailgating is the term used for attending such parties, which are so popular that many people don’t attend a particular event but just the tailgate party. Football games, as well as other games like soccer, basketball and hockey, or occasions such as weddings and food events often feature such kind of parties. Picnic foods like cold salads, hamburgers and hotdogs are convenient choices for such parties.

People were making and sharing big pots of gumbo, clam chowder, chili, steamed lobsters, shrimp, and of course hotdogs. But not just any hot dogs. The best hot dogs with warm sauerkraut and homemade sweet pickle relish!

Party ideas for tailgating range from elaborately decorating your vehicle and tents to detailed football party decorations on cupcakes and cookies. Team flags, larger-than-life cardboard cut-outs of football players, even life-sized fiberglass statues are all part of hip tailgate parties now-a-days.

The best tailgating ideas include simply hanging out, drinking beer, and playing outdoor games. By far, toss games are the most popular. All of the toss games here come with a variety of sports team logos. Just click on the game you like and you’ll find more options for additional team logos that come on the games.