First Birthday Party Idea African American

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This Don’t hesitate to borrow dishes or glassware from friends to make your evening perfect. You can create your own accents out of silver paper, including stars and the moon to hang from the ceiling (use fishing wire or black thread) and spread around the floor and on the tables. Silver is traditionally allowed at a black and white party theme, so use any silver accents you have available, such as candle holders or serving dishes. Use formal place settings and plan a four or more course meal.
Birthday Party Idea African American
Dress your table in white, white cloth, white cloth napkins and wine glasses, even if no wine is served, because they look fantastic. Think of fresh winter snow at night with the moon light on it and fill your space with it. Candles in candle holders set on glass works very well, too. Fill cut glass containers such as large candy dishes and serving bowls with water that has been tinted the color of glacier water (blue and green food coloring will do, but make it very pale) and float white candles in them.
Black And White Party
Decorate your space with wreaths of white flowers and bits of gold and silver sparkle. A way of doing up your home for a formal dinner party is having a fire and ice party. Anniversary parties, dinner parties, engagement parties, and ballroom dance parties to end a semester of learning the art, are all reasons to go all out in the romantic splendor of formality.  Black and white party ideas go hand in hand with more formal affairs.

Black Light Party

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